Automatic Pet Feeder With Voice Recording

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  • This automatic pet feeder is available with infrared sensor technology that prevents food from spilling or getting stuck in the dispensing hole.

  • If the dispenser has a sound recording function that allows you to record the sound recording and that calls your pet you can pick up the newcomer and enjoy the meal idea.

  • Use a dispenser card for the AC adapter or batteries to deliver power to the automatic pet feeder.

  • With English description.

  • $30 Saving.

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Lot type: Pet feeders
Material: stainless steel, ABS
Maximum power: 200 g
Minimum power: 50 g / 0.11 lbs
Purpose of time: Yes
LCD display: Yes


1 x pet feeder

Automatikus takarmánykezelő hangrögzítéssel Automatikus takarmánykezelő hangrögzítéssel

Additional information

With Water Dispenser



Stainless Steel

Max Output


Time Setting


Power Source


Min Output




LCD Display


Suitable for

Medium Small Dog / Cat / Puppy


4 times in 1 Day

Meal Size

5-200 G

Voice message Recording

10 seconds

Mode number


Shipping From

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88 reviews for Automatic Pet Feeder With Voice Recording

  1. F***a

    Works for cheers, the cat now goes to eat in the morning by itself and goes back to sleep with us. Only does not connect to my home router for some reason. Tuned through hotspot from iPhone.

  2. V***o

    No instruction on Russian

  3. C***o

    It is the second feeder buyer and It is delighted toy. My cats by order can stay single and not I have to worry about it.

  4. P***v

    Excellent feeder, I recommend!

  5. O***v

    In Odessa delivered by ukrmail for almost 2 months. The package is slightly damaged, but the goods are not damaged. From the application (which downloaded from the market) updated the firmware of the feeder. Everything works, there is no smell of plastic, the noise during feed is insignificant, does not interfere. Took without a camera, but with Wi-Fi, the voice recording function was not used, 1 portion in the device about 5 grams (depends on the feed), 1 time can be programmed up to 20 portions.

  6. C***a

    It is perfefto, can select portions, very good furniture handling with the cellular. I loved

  7. E***l

    all was good

  8. E***k

    Everything came, came quickly, courier service, both feeders. The application has been installed, the voice recording volume is good, the time is adjusted, portions too (5 gr. One serving, we have RC integral).

  9. O***a

    The goods came well packed, all whole. To Kiev delivery 2 months. Seller recommend.

  10. A***k

    Otrimav shvidko. The box of the parish of p’yat, ale himself pristrite not injured. Zrozumile. Filling the cat on three bottoms-fed without zboiv. Galore to feed tyzhen without problems.

  11. F***s

    Great product arrived around without damage only took to arrive

  12. F***r

    Order came to Krasnodar from China for 6 days!!! We haven’t tried the case yet. Only received

  13. J***s

    Excellent, less than 2 weeks.

  14. V***e

    Amazing product. Fast shipping! The Manuel is super clear. It was quite easy to connect. It works with a socket and you can put back up batteries in incase the energy falls out. I am. Really happy with this product!

  15. D***o

    The parcel went to Kiev for a long, very long, very …. Two months. Everything works. The cat is happy. Before the delivery of food is terribly noisy. The cat at first was frightened. When there is no Wi-Fi signal (I have a “buggy” router), the feeder signals about it-the light on the button flashes. When the radio signal from the router-the feeder itself catches it (do not do anything).

  16. A***l


  17. M***a

    The product arrived quickly and fully correspond to the images. Connect to the network is easy (eye only accepts the band wifi 2.4ghz 5ghz not!) by what once saved that pitfall, configuration and use is very single. Customize time for dispensing automatically I think, animal photo, dispense posts of custom voice for every time the I think (the record yourself from the phone) and the remote connection works great, like a baby cam more or less, the audio is good, Plus emitting the reception (they listen something bass, I don’t know if it will improve by firmware) by otherwise, it is a piece of invention that love to Pet and administration by the same.

  18. O***v

    Feeder is very cool. Everything corresponds to the description. Plastic quality. The cat begins to get used to 🙂

  19. I***a

    A good feeder, 2 days works)) delivered from Russia very quickly, the box is slightly wrinkled, but the body of the feeder is intact. Batteries do not hold well, you need to attach better, so as not to jump out. The cat is slightly frightened by the sound, but then it fits and eats quite)

  20. J***a

    Interesting thing, quickly tuned while watching. The feeder came whole.

  21. R***o

    Superb, fast delivery and fast response

  22. L***m

    An indispensable thing if you are lazy to get up in the morning, and in the evening you stay at work. Also if you leave the house for a few days

  23. L***a

    Everything is fine, fast delivery, everything is whole and in working order, connected quickly, cats are satisfied

  24. V***n

    The goods in the Moscow region reached in a month. Track parcel number is tracked all the way. The product corresponds to the description. Everything works. While at work, you can pour food in the feeder at home through the application.

  25. Customer

    It is the second to buy a new cat and It is delighted toy. Working properly. Just know how weighs a ration of the administradas as the I think you give to thy cat and bundles the calculation for the days dividing the rations to thy taste.

  26. Customer

    Excellent! The feeder supports the ability to configure 4 meals a day, the number of servings is configured separately. There is an autonomous power supply in case of a power outage.

  27. A***y

    Super thing. Is configured from the phone like an alarm clock indicating the size of each poured portion. Sorry only not a word on the Russian.

  28. R***d

    The feeder came. Tested, works. Although there is no instruction on the Russian, the control is intuitive. How will work on, will show time. Until all Hood. Seller recommend

  29. I***n

    Thank you! Good product and store. Fast delivery.

  30. D***s

    Amazing device, very good service. Happy and works fine. Once configured with 2.4 wifi switched to 5G and works perfectly.

  31. P***Y


  32. A***k

    Order came Thanks

  33. Y***h

    Packed only in a box. The box is a little wrinkled, but the feeder is intact. I ordered 03.01 from the Russian Federation, but the goods for some reason were sent from China. The track was repaired, 22.01 arrived. Not for long. The feeder itself is a separate story. Three hours tried to connect to the phone, tried all sorts of options from the instructions. By the way, the instruction in English, the phototranslator was to help. But apparently the problem is some in my phone. After a long torment, I installed the application on another phone and everything connected the first time. It works well, fotsvet, video shoots, sound reproduces, feed produces. Outside the house did not experience control. Let’s see how the feeder will manifest itself in operation. Took for feeding a puppy in case of a long absence of us in the house. Feed in diameter 1 cm gives without problems. Cat food also saturates well.

  34. Customer

    Happy with the goods. Interesting design, you can customize different volume of servings in morning and evening feeding

  35. Y***a

    The feeder came defective. The connector for the network cable is all bent, as if someone forced it. Very upset. Wrote to the store, did not wait for an answer. opened a dispute. After which the seller still answered. Offered to order from him something else, and he will send me a USB connector for free with my order. The seller answers for a very long time. On my question, how should I repair my own feeder, suggested to wait for the end of the dispute. AliExpress shipped 2 options: return the amount of 1200 rubles (out of 5000) or I return the goods to China and upon receipt by the seller, they will return the whole cost! Given the cost of sending to China, considered the first option more appropriate. I had to look for guys who could fix the feeder. For which I thank you very much, and the seller does not recommend!

  36. I***v

    Cool thing, while you like everything 🙂

  37. A***a

    Ordered two feeders. One with WiFi, the other with WiFi + camera. Came in perfect condition! Everything works. Cats are disassembled)) I advise! The courier brought to the house. Ordered on January 17, 27 already delivered (St. Petersburg)

  38. B***i


  39. B***i

    Genuine manufacturing and high quality

  40. A***k

    The parcel arrived a week from the date of payment. Delivery by courier to the house. Packed perfectly. Looks textured. The rest is later.

  41. Customer

    Everything works fine. The only thing that is a weak speaker if you record the sound. And don’t buy on camera. There is no smell from plastic.

  42. N***v

    Promised to deliver in a week, in the end came in a month and a half. Everything works, no complaints. With the store did not communicate

  43. S***g

    Great product!

  44. V***e

    Lovely feeder. Long chose between feeder with camera and with WiFi. After reading the reviews I decided that for the camera a fairly large overpayment. In general, did not lose. When she came to 100% I became sure of my choice, the camera is especially not needed. The instruction is clear, without any video it is easy to understand on your own. Works quietly, the cat is not afraid, although he is not from shy. Immediately realized that to what, tried to open, it did not work, although I could not close the lid to the end, I’m afraid to press hard, suddenly break. Yes, and so keeps well everything. Now the cat asks for food from her, not from me at 4 am. The feed app report sends. Works from the network, the batteries did not put. About the delivery, in Ko came for 3 weeks. The track was not tracked. Came to TC Courier Service Express. In short, the cat and I are happy.

  45. I***k

    Just a cool thing. I came here, I don’t smell. Asked the store to store Garno. Well, it’s like it. I recommend.

  46. A***a

    Sent for a long time, came pretty quickly.

  47. D***a

    I arrive much faster than expected, thank you very much!

  48. L***a

    Cool feeder. Performs its functions. No night vision camera. Portions from 5gr. The only negative for today is the absence of a removable plate. I put the usual plate on it easier to wash. The microphone is very loud.

  49. M***g

    very good, better than I expected, great quality I highly recommend this product

  50. D***n

    Everything works, Kotay is happy.

  51. R***e


  52. G***a

    EXCELENT! Thanks a LOT! Lovely thing! RECOMENDED IN 100% !!! <3

  53. J***a

    Great thing. Delivered in hand by courier. Customizable easily. I can feed the cat now from anywhere. And surveillance of the apartment through the camera is also useful.

  54. B***n

    Awesome thing. For a long time so did not rejoice in purchases from celestial. Delivery to Kiev 60 days with constant tracking. The box came very crumpled, as if someone was sitting on it, but thank God everything is working. Quality is good (I would like plastic thicker, but it’s Nitrous). Without extraneous odors. The store also constantly monitors the delivery, even himself extended the waiting period 5 days before the end of the protection and in the letter assured that everything is normal (the problem with the delay in China, you understand…), but it came exactly within the agreed time frame. Koteyki are also happy-I organized them an independent five-time meal. I recommend!

  55. N***h

    Excellent feeder. There are no shortcomings on the packaging. Everything is intact, without damage. Tuned without problems. To the router at 5 kHz did not catch. Without problems took 2,4 kHz. I took without a camera-I have a separate one. The feeder leads the event protocol, which can be viewed remotely. Voice Message function works fine. The volume is sufficient, do not yell at the whole house. Cotofey while falling fodder, but hunger is not aunt, will get used to it. Everything is thought out, even about excess humidity of food. In the lid there is a special compartment with a sink. Instruction in all main languages, except Russian. But even the initial knowledge of English is enough to run the device.

  56. D***A

    While everything is decent and good. I hope it will not be buggy. The only thing on the husband of the phone was installed normally everything, on my No. But we have different phones, I have an iPhone. And different frequencies of WiFi

  57. Customer

    It’s just like you’re cribe! It’s toy enchanted with him, no doubt it’s a good investment and my cat is already known what hours your food is going to come out and stays is perando next door! 100% recommended, also very fast shipping

  58. A***n

    Excellent quality! Ajánlom!

  59. F***i

    Works seamlessly, finally we can go away stress and keep our friends cats under control. Free shipping hyper fast, high resolution and super efficient

  60. Customer

    everything is okay just the shipping take alot of time 5 month the longest delivery in my life the store is honest refund me but when i received it i pay back its easy to program the time from the app

  61. E***a

    Works, cats feed, to Wai FAI connected, voice recorded. Portions slightly more than 5 grams. Until we understand how to feed two cats-from one bowl they are not used to, and not too big. Ate in turn, but the one who eats the last definitely in the risk zone)

  62. J***o

    It came fast, it came well packaged and it looks very good, it needs to be configured and tested

  63. M***a

    Super. Schedule and serving size in the app. The cable is long.

  64. R***o

    Sent quickly, reached smartly, tracked remarkably

  65. L***v

    Funny device, the cat from it normally eats, there is no instruction on the Russian, and the application is only in English, but it does not cause any special inconvenience, it is normal to use. The top is quite tight open, and when closing, the halves do not match perfectly-it is necessary to correct, but it is necessary to do it quite rarely-only when laying the feed. For his cat set up 8 times a day for 1 serving, it turns out about 5 grams of serving, the very thing. The delivery was not very fast-3 weeks, and the packaging is not particularly reliable, cardboard box and plastic bag, but the device quite durable arrived normally. I like it.

  66. A***y

    Excellent feeder. Easy to use. But everything you need is.

  67. V***a

    The app for this device is sucks full of course .. It always flies, has been on the phone since the 30th, probably. Passed 1 day, there are no failures yet, I hope will last a long time

  68. P***a

    Works good

  69. L***o

    Until I checked.

  70. M***a

    I like it. Bought without a camera. Very convenient thing. The truth sometimes tupit, when you often turn it on and off from the outlet. Last time disconnected from the outlet and when connected did not want to connect to the Wi-Fi. In general, very davolno

  71. P***R

    I use the device for 2 years, perfect, securing, precise dosage, short essential for a cat

  72. Y***a

    Feeder norms, Flight 4 days good

  73. R***r

    Awesome. I will order another 2. took with the camera. Plague. But it’s not convenient to talk. You have to press the microphone, say something, then turn off the микр, then turn on the wiretap. It would be nice to talk while you hold. As on the radio

  74. I***a

    Very cool thing! In excellent condition came, the packaging is not crumpled, brought the courier to the house, it was three days since the order, the order from the Russian Federation! Purchase is very satisfied! Seller recommend!

  75. E***o

    Shipping only 4 days by courier, the box is not crumpled. Feeder is just great! It is very easy to understand, portions of course small but are regulated as much as 39. About the microphone, if you loudly record the voice then you can hear it well, I understand that it is played several times with pauses while the food is saturated, although cats resorted simply to the sound of feed: -d if you disconnect from the outlet then the settings are down, but also quickly and everything is configured. Bottom window for batteries (like type LR20). The capacity for food is large, for a long time enough. But to collect everything together is neat because the grooves and protrusions are quite small and easy to twist somewhere. A plate where wide falls, 2 small cats will be able to eat at the same time.

  76. R***a

    Very cool feeder) the cat is satisfied and quickly accustomed to it, as soon as he hears the sound of turning on the sailor-immediately runs to food)

  77. P***r

    Shipment came very soon, any 2 weeks, all nicely packed. Manual in English, very write clearly written. Wholeheartedly recommend for anyone who has a kitten, can leisurely wyjechać on weekend and not fear is that pet will not have what to eat. You can also listen to what happens in home and popatrzeć by kamerkę.

  78. S***v

    Normal feeder. Sprinkles 5 grams per serving. The upper lid lock looks very flimsy, most likely if you often open and close, then it will not last long and will lose tightness

  79. D***n

    Everything works well

  80. I***v

    After placing an order, the store gave a track number, which is not tracked by mail, but third-party sites determine it. And now, the parcel came, I’m going happy to take it, and they tell me that there are no parcels with such a track. Opened a dispute, the seller sent out the correct track, which the parcel received when customs clearance. Why the seller did not notify-the question is open. Now about the feeder: everything is great, there are no complaints, it works. With control figured out quickly, everything is intuitive. Pleased with the large volume of storage for food. Cats staged and amicably began to hamster

  81. A***v

    Great thing! One serving is not five, but six grams. Can be programmed any time and quantity.

  82. A***v

    Great thing. We are very satisfied. True, the cat constantly “picks the feeder”, hoping to force the food out of it

  83. F***f

    Goods to the Urals for 8 days. Everything works settings are not complex. Camera voice all works. Thank you to the store. I recommend

  84. E***a

    Bought a second for the second cat. For a long time passed in Russia, as the viral collapse by that time already came. While waiting, Cats learned to eat in turn and the need for the second in principle disappeared) now relearn) The first robot during use once hung and cats did not feed that for the automated feeding system no hood!

  85. E***k

    Everything came, the first time did not give out food, apparently poured little, fell asleep and like while working

  86. M***n

    That’s perfect! My second order! Thank you!

  87. Customer

    Very happy about it! I have is about 2 months now. Works perfect. You can add about 1.5 kg of food in it which is good for about 1-2 weeks. Ive weighted the portions and it is about right with 1-2 grams range. Suuuper happy with it! I recommend it

  88. K***r

    Yet come without batteries nail turn saw. Charger lovely dry battery need French why as having a Nickle but 2 times a week is considered wrong mailbox tin ㅠ enters the well check and you owe it to yourself Shipping is weeks? Custom takes almost seems, manual is the English letters Rea.

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