Eczema Treatment Ointment

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  • High-quality.

  • 100% Natural raw material.

  • After external use, it is used to rub against skin infection.

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  • Volume: 15 g / 0,03 lbs


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Eczema kezelés kenőcs
Eczema kezelés kenőcs

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Psoriasis Ointment

Psoriasis treatment

Psoriasis cream

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83 reviews for Eczema Treatment Ointment

  1. Оксана Гриценко

    Delivery to Donetsk region about 22 days long. About the action of the cream I will write off later as a check

  2. Зинаида Шадринa

    Corresponds to the description

  3. Luis Alberto Silva

    Came after a long waiting. Recommend

  4. Rita Machado

    i’m so happy! I try so many time to have this product

  5. Craig May

    Thank you very much to the store, the order came quickly, already the second order recommend the seller

  6. Анастасия Фоминa

    Before Tyumen the cream drove almost 2 months, packed was very well-wrapped in several layers in a piece of foam rubber, Short did not crumple. Date of manufacture July 2019, year until June 2021. On the box some incomprehensible seal with a erasable bottom layer, did not understand yet, why. The tube was sealed, so it came intact, and most importantly you can order in Prok-should be well stored. Cream of pink color, has a light pleasant smell-whether mint or eucalyptus. When applied in places causes light burning simultaneously with the cooling effect. Let’s see how he copes with an extensive progressive exema, with which pharmacies more than 3 months and two dermatologists can not cope normally (here the truth is to say, that not all recommendations are observed-in this it is unrealistic to reduce to zero contact with water, it is normal to fall asleep and reduce the level of stress). I will hope that the cream will be really as magical as they write in the reviews. Then I will try to supplement!

  7. Фёдор Соловьёв

    Fast shipping! Excellent quality!

  8. Светла КОСТОВ

    Norms, let’s see in action

  9. Георгий Любушкин

    Arrived after the warranty delivery time, more precisely, in the store’s extended delivery time. We’ll try.

  10. Эдуард Васильев

    Walked 2 months. During delivery, the boxes were wrinkled, but the creams are intact. I order a second time, because it helps to remove itching, cold the skin.

  11. Christine Oliver

    The product came in good condition, I don’t try it yet, I’ll be writing later

  12. Олеся Ошуковa

    The parcel came, delivery in the area of the month, ointment I order not the first time, helps well. Shop recommend, store good luck.

  13. Iga Janik

    The order came after a long time, while the store honestly approached the case and wanted to return the money, despite everything I recommend the seller

  14. Madison Phillips


  15. Катерина Савельевa

    Come, I’ll try.

  16. Яна Дьячковa

    The cream I order the second time from psoriasis, in Kemerovo the parcel flew for the first time from another store for 2 weeks, this time for 2.5 months, the track in Russia was not tracked, the seller extended the protection. I have no pritenzy to the seller, nothing has been wrinkled, everything is intact. Psoriasis for many years, always used hormonal, decided to order a cream, do not completely get rid of such a sore, but itching, exacerbation well removes and not only, Mage and herpes and Zades and all sorts of scratches, cools and still helps, I like it, I order twice for 4 pcs., for 3 months while enough, I will use and order more. Thank you to the seller.

  17. Егор Николаев

    Thank you very much for the fast delivery. The whole is not even wrinkled boxes. The store 5 +. ointment is super and very necessary. I will order more.

  18. Thomas Long

    Excellent quality and packaging. Fast shipping. Seller respect. I recommend.

  19. Brenda Stephens

    This has toned down my eczema, the cool sensation on the skin helps with the itchy feeling

  20. Bożena Kaczmarek

    Consistent with the description, very good communication store. Pack has come after 2 months. Thank You

  21. Carlos Schmidt

    Tight packaging embossed, used an application on face, has improved, here a week give feedback.

  22. Pamela Banks

    Goods received, store Thank you. I received the goods, thank you seller.

  23. Денис Андреев

    Good shelf life up to 2021. Not the first time we order from this store. Ointment helps perfectly from vitiligo

  24. Susan Alexander

    Delivery fast 20 days, all 3 tubes in one parcel, in fact did not try, with the store did not communicate.

  25. Аркадий Рыбалко

    The cream ordered for the son. I will tell you, try, write off. The price at the time was 108,67 rubles.

  26. Аркадий Голанов

    Two packages came crumpled. Put wet. Somewhere lay in the water. It’s good that the tubes were whole.

  27. Регина Ермолинa

    Cream received at the Post Office, delivery almost a month, packed in a black package, boxes in excellent condition

  28. Александра Ушаковa

    Everything is fine. The goods came. Whole. I thought the post of Russia will squeeze all the juices out of it. on the one hand there is aktsyza as a vodka, on the other there is no.

  29. Дарья Фоминa

    It was 2 months, packed well, everything is intact. Pleasant smell, a little cools, not greasy, pleasant.

  30. Екатерина Лазаревa

    Delivery was a little more than a month, order at once 40 PCs. Since the volume is small only 15 gr. And I have a lot of five! Packed well all whole. The quality is excellent. Ointment really helps and the effect is fast enough, during daily use after 5-7 days the effect is visible! Given that I have been sick for 30 years psoriasis and what I have not tried.

  31. Анатолий Богданов

    The goods received very quickly. All whole, a little crumpled box, but it does not matter. Tuba with ointment sealed, there is an instruction, scanning QR code did not give anything. I will test)))

  32. Пётр Румянцев

    Thank you wery much! Excelent quality and fast shipping!

  33. Любовь Жгилёвa

    Very Good!

  34. Лина Шестаковa

    Thank you!!!

  35. Софья Шнайдер

    Thank you very much!!!

  36. Ольга Бублик

    Otrimala. No more cinnamon.

  37. Michaela Pavlikovský

    uvidíme či to bude mať aj nejaký účinok

  38. Татьяна Яшинa

    Anti-radiation product netidomo‍♂️

  39. Світлана Авраменко

    Otrimav, yes! Uncle!

  40. Рената Романовa

    Delivery is long, but the mazilka came. Thank you!

  41. Галина Юрковa

    It came in a month. Packaging whole. In action I did not try.

  42. Фёдор Андреев

    From the moment of payment to receipt in Novosibirsk 30 days. I order a second time, the ointment really helps. Skin redness has gone. Although doctors prescribed expensive treatment courses, up to climate change! I recommend.

  43. Светлана Худяковa

    Everything is fine not the first time I order

  44. Валентина Евдокимовa

    Cream take not the first race helps me from dermatitis skin on the head of syborea

  45. Алла Жигановa

    I ordered it for my daughter. The parcel was not tracked, but in the light of recent events it reached two months to Krasnoyarsk. We will try and in two weeks we will supplement the feedback.

  46. Bedri Andi

    I have used many creams for seborrheic dermatitis on my legs, head, hair and back of my ears. Nothing worked like Zudaifu cream. People with the same problem understand my situation. If you have seborrheic dermatitis, psorıasis or something like that, give it a try. I tried and the results are in the pictures. I have used only 2 tubes of cream in 3 weeks (because I was exprerimenting) and it worked miraculously. I just received my 2nd order of 20 cream today. It does’nt completely cure the problem but it relaxes the itchiness and the need of scratching the wound. Once you get rid of scratching problem, it may even cure the illnes, I believe. The pictures of my legs are originally taken by me in the described dates (sorry for the view). I hope it will be hepful for the people with the same problem. Greetings from Turkey.

  47. Melissa Barbosa

    Perfect. Arrived fast and the products are exactly as pictured. Had used before the ointment and is amazing as is the only thing that can help me with the psoriasis. I asked 22 ointments and 9 soaps and not taxed.

  48. Joseph Stewart

    Good quality!

  49. Amine Abarcan

    Good the goods arrived quickly in two weeks I have not tried it yet I will leave a comment after using it I did not communicate with the store Thank you

  50. Эльвира Юрковa

    Hello. Mom got cream. He’s not fat, he’s a little pink. Psoriasis treats. We take this cream a very long time ago. We have not invented this in the Bowl yet, and they release on Fry and fat. It was a month to Penza. The photo is not attached because I myself in St. Petersburg. But it helps me with the exime on my hand, too. Removes redness, peeling, itching. The store is good. I advise you crackers. Take more, because small tubes.

  51. Эльза Румянцевa

    Ordered 12, received 2 more as a gift .. delivery is fast, despite the coronovirus

  52. Ксения Соколовa

    Came the goods mint well this is our post of Russia such

  53. Кирил ДИМОВ

    the item arrived fast. well packed. thanks.

  54. Eliška Zima

    Good, thank you

  55. Camila Robledo

    It’s very good I always buy it is original

  56. Зина Тереховa

    A month and a half, overall satisfied, the goods are not tracked, the store is responsible

  57. Adam Walsh

    Brilliant, used once and the difference is unbelievable, ordering loads more now, I got this for psoriasis. Before and after photos

  58. Владислав Тарасов

    Ordered 28.01, received 27.02. The product is packed securely. The track was not tracked.

  59. Данил Чернов

    It came. All OK! I recommend! I order not the first time. Helps.

  60. Helena Wójcik

    Pordukt consistent with the description, store worthy command, fast shipping/Product as described, recommendable seller, fast shipping

  61. Danilo Santos

    It smells Vick and blazing very soft feeling. Am passing a day Yes other not. Have not seen result, little time yet. Shipping took a month, but planned.

  62. Ярослав Завьялов

    Excellent goods)) thanks to the store!!!)

  63. Зина Цветковa

    The store is prompt and very responsive, will be tested

  64. Ульяна Даниловa

    Delivery 20 days to Krasnodar region. Excellent cream, good store. Thank you.

  65. Эдгар Долгих

    All received. We’ll try.

  66. Marie Johnson

    Į Lietuvą po užsakymo keliavo lygiai mėnesį į paštomatą

  67. Oskar Markoš

    Unbelievable results 🙂 I don’ t mind what really this cream contains, but it’s like a miracle. First photo – my fathers’ hands with chronic eczema after treatment with prescribed corticoid creams (hardly damaged skin, no therapeutical effect). Second photo – after two weeks of using Zudaifu!

  68. Микола Зощенко

    Everything is fine, the cream is original, there is information on English.

  69. Влад Жиганов

    Ointment came, ordered January 25, came on March 11, has not yet tried. All the packages are holographic, with a barcode, there at the bottom if you rub a coin some code. I have all sad, the whole body in the plaques. I don’t care what to try and how, to pass… Sign off if it helps. It is small, only 15g, so immediately take more.

  70. Мирослава Бабіак

    Thank yuo wery much! Excellent!

  71. Matthew Lopez

    Thank you! The parcel came in excellent condition. Ordered in January and despite everything that happens in the world, the order came on time. Shelf life up to the sixth month of 2021. There is a protective brand on the package and instructions included. Ointment I order not the first time, helps from skin irritation, peeling and eczema. Excellent product, I advise. The store is excellent!

  72. Вадим Углов

    Ordered, one received a lrugu

  73. Jeni Notonegoro

    Welcome to order

  74. Владимир Петров

    The cream works. But one tube came open and ointment outside.

  75. Mark Henry

    Order received on time all as in the description!

  76. Nancy Soto

    The product arrived. But out of date for me. The store took over.

  77. Анна Хватовa

    Delivery about a month. Track tracked. Ointment I order not the first time helps from skin sores. Seller recommend. Thank you.

  78. Александр Ротару

    Came, but without packaging. The store forged in a soft package, the cream slightly poured out of 1 tube.

  79. Вадим Юрков

    It came quickly. I take not the first time. This is a photo when the cream only came. I will add a review in a month

  80. Askarali Adiletov

    Super Product!

  81. Александр Лаврентьев

    Delivery month. I take not the first time, the ointment is excellent. I do not take it for myself. I can not throw a photo. But I recommend!!!

  82. Mateusz Baran

    Arrived broken. It didn’t work for me. It burns my skin and I have to stop use it.

  83. Эдуард Боков

    The goods were ordered on March 20, came on April 7.

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