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Product material: ABS + acrylic

Power: 2.5W

Size: 14*14*35cm

Power supply mode: USB power supply

Rated voltage: 5V

Lighting: 7 colors

Product weight: about 0.95kg

Packing: 1* jellyfis night light +1*USB cable


Product Features:

The reality is quiet, serene, soothing the beautiful deep-sea environment, suitable for home or office use.

Round, black base.

Beautiful life jellyfish.


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Night Lights

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light type

Aquarium Jellyfish night light

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smart jellyfish table lamp, bedside lamp


gift for child, home decoration , bedroom, living room, office


7 color changing,vivid jellyfish ocean screen

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usb power




jellyfish light


changing color led light

tabl lamp for child

children night lamp


  1. C**j

    This was a wonderful gift. These little guys look so real. They swim around and the colors light up the room. They are entertaining to watch , they are mesmerizing. I highly recommend this as a unique gift

  2. R**w

    Bought for my grandson who is 7 for Birthday. He ABSOLUTELY loved it! He was so excited when he opened it. It was his favorite gift! Colorful and easy to assemble.

  3. V**f

    Great product! My son, a person with autism loves it!!

  4. E**w

    Bought it for my ASD children and it is a
    Great lamp for a great price – don’t listen to
    Other reviews about it not working – following instructions! Mine has been working just fine! And it’s been a while since I purchased this – it is great

  5. R**v

    Love my jelly’s. Bought it for my office and makes me soo happy. So relaxing and calming. Every day someone exclaims how cool it!

  6. Y**v

    Perfect 5 stars as a night light

  7. U**l

    Very neat well made the jellyfish look real

  8. R**f

    My son loves this little lamp, he thinks they are real jelly fish

  9. B**n

    I was pleasantly surprised, this is a pretty good quality product.
    The 2 jellyfish swim around as color changes every few seconds, the motor is very quiet, you can barely hear it if standing next to the lamp. There is a bit of prep work beforehand, but very simple, easy instructions. 5 stars!

  10. T**h

    Grandson who just turned 9 yrs old loved loved this item. Well worth the money

  11. M**l

    We ABSOLUTELY love this. I highly recommend for adults and children. It’s beautiful. Make sure to follow the directions when setting it up. We’ve had ours a while now and still LOVE IT!

  12. H**a

    I love love love my aquarium!! I soaked my jelly’s for longer than suggested and they worked right off the bat, no issues with bubbles either. I purchased this for my office but seems I’ll have to purchase another ‘cause this one isn’t leaving my house! So cute!

  13. F**l

    Great gift for kids‘ rooms. Suitable as night lights to keep the monsters away.

  14. J**w

    Perfect as a night light

  15. V**r

    Really relaxing and enjoyable to watch

  16. J**j

    I absolutely love it! It’s beautiful and it was really easy to assemble. My only con is that it’s a bit noisy.

  17. W**J

    Absolutely love this! Very relaxing and pretty! I have received lots compliments. Great buy

  18. E**j

    This was the perfect gift for my 11-yr-old son who is going thru a phase of being fascinated by sea life. I enjoy watching it too. I love the colors and the way the jellyfish bounce around. It’s also the perfect nightlight.

  19. S**r

    The main thing that I really love about this product is how calming and relaxing it is just to have it on the counter. Whenever I go into the kitchen and just look at it for a few moments it just creates a sense of calmness. I purchased our first one towards the end of last year and my three and a half year old autistic grandson absolutely loved watching it whenever he came over. I purchased one for them to have their home and then my husband who is disabled and unable to walk enjoyed the one I had in the kitchen in his room so I left it there. Even though I got to see it when I went into his room the kitchen seemed empty. LOL. I highly recommend this jellyfish Aquarium.

  20. J**r

    So bright and beautiful!! This thing lights up my son’s whole room, it’s so soothing watching the jellyfish dance! We followed the assembly instructions to the T, and everything worked out perfectly. Awesome product, definitely recommend!!

  21. C**L

    My kids love this lamp, heck I do too. It does take a few days for the jelly fish to swim properly, follow the directions and after that it works great. They float and swim. It’s very relaxing

  22. F**l

    This is a great product! We gave it to our three-year-old grandson to be used as a beautiful night light for him. All of the family are so happy with this product! Very fun to watch and so real looking! Our grandson loves it!

  23. E**v

    very pretty at night, my daughter uses it as a nightlight when she goes to bed, I kind of wish I bought it for myself now!! looks REAL AND THE JELLYFISH LOOK ALIVE!

  24. C**v

    Best Jellyfish ever! Love this lamp. My Dr. had this in her office and I found it to be very calming. I love it. Make sure to marinate jellyfish in dish soap to float right

  25. S**m

    This has been good for my child who has cortical vision problems. We turn off the lights and she has been able to track the animals in the water as they move up and down

  26. V**e

    So far is working well.
    Very relaxing.
    A little expensive

  27. Y**c

    Very pleased with this purchase and very fast shipping
    The jellyfish lamp is calming and beautiful to watch. Just remember to soak the two silicone jellyfish in a cup of dish soap for at least 6-8 hours and rinse them thoroughly before placing them in. Would buy again. Thank you!

  28. E**l

    The Jellyfish lamp arrived beautifully gift boxed with clear instructions and it works great.
    We love the way the colours change and how “lively “ the two jellyfish are swimming around the aquarium.
    The Unit is totally silent and easy to turn on and off … love the 4 hour automatic shut off, great look and very entertaining.
    Thank you for a great product

  29. V**f

    Looks perfect! Bought this for a gift and it was really nice in size and very realistic!!
    Just a note be very careful as the jellyfish around the ankles are very fragile!!

  30. A**i

    Love it ! Build quality is good. Easy to assemble. Very relaxing to watch.

  31. S**l

    I bought this as a gift for my autistic 13 year old. He likes it! I like that it only uses water so that if it gets tipped over it will not stain the carpet. It is a great addition to the sensory items in his room

  32. w**h

    This thing is amazing and looks so real!!! I’m 29 and bought it for myself. And for people saying they only float at the top didn’t follow directions! Make sure you put the dish soap and place them in correctly so that air bubbles don’t get trapped causing them to float at the top. Definitely worth the money !

  33. H**m

    My 8 year old LOVES this lamp! He’s autistic so I was looking for something to help calm him as well as provide light at night. This was the perfect buy! He loves watching the jellyfish for long periods of time even when he’s not upset and it turns off by itself at night after 4 hours which is plenty of time for him to fall asleep but then I know it won’t run all night. Any of their friends that come over always think it’s the coolest thing ever. SO much more fun than a “normal” nightlight! We did the soaking in dish soap as the instructions recommend but it still took a couple days for the fish to “swim” normally but I think the soaking definitely makes a difference in the amount of time that takes

  34. Y*d

    By far one of the BEST purchases I’ve ever made everyone who has seen it has absolutely loved it. It comes with two jellyfish and is absolutely stunning. Follow the directions and it works flawlessly!! Love love love this fun lamp

  35. A**p

    Tank build quality is solid. Came with 2 Jellyfish and they look absolutely beautiful in the blue lighting (there are several light choices – red, green, light blue, pink, etc). Sometimes the Jellies move too fast with tentacles jumping around in all directions, but still looks very realistic from a distance. Huge hit with the kids and dog. Important – follow the soaking instructions (soak at least 8-10 hours) and give it 2-3 days in the tank to start moving properly, the first 2 couple of days the Jellies just float at the top of the tank but after that they started moving just as expected. I don’t fully understand the physics behind it but the Jellies likely need to soften up before they work as expected.

  36. A**j

    For those looking to just plug it in and be done, you probably wouldn’t be happy. But if you read/follow the instructions, it’s a great product! You have to soak the “jellyfish” in dish soap for 4-8 hours, rinse, then use only distilled water to fill it. If you do all the prep work, it’ll work beautifully! My 8 yo son thought it was very cool.

  37. Y**o

    I saw this product when it was given as a birthday gift to my niece. I loved it. The set up was very easy. I didn’t let the jellyfish soak in the dish soap. I elected to just let them soak in the tank water. It took about 24 hours before they swam perfectly. The colors are very serene and relaxing. It reminds me of watching a National Geographic special of deep sea creatures. When needed I will definitely buy the specific product again.

  38. J**n


  39. A**v

    Got his for my 11 year old son for Christmas. It’s awesome. My 2 year old and 4 year old love it too. I might love it the most. Highly recommend. Especially if you are a fan of lava lamps and things like that.

  40. D**l

    It absolutely did take 2 days to set up. Don’t give up. Soak the octopuses
    In soapy water overnight. Wash very very well or you will have soap residue.When you put them in the tank upside down they don’t float too well. Give it a day & they do great. I put aluminum foil on one side of mine for background but you don’t have to do that. I just like it that way.

  41. C**b

    This item was such a hit I was going to get another for Christmas. At time though was out of stock until after Christmas. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys lava lamps or marine biology, it truly is a fascinating piece

  42. L**l

    I purchased this as a gift for my wife, to replace an old lava lamp she loved. The first set that arrived wasn’t quite right – the “jellyfish” moved too fast, even though she followed directions. One call to the company and they immediately replaced the defective unit, didn’t ask for the old one back (in fact, suggested we keep those “jellyfish” for future use), and provided a few extra tips.
    The second unit works great. It would be good as a children’s night light, but we just use it for fun. The automatic turn-off is nice as well.
    Recommend this company and this item

  43. O**a

    Bought this for my little girl since she’s moving into her own room. This table lamp is pretty cool, she would look at the jellyfish dance around for hours. She also uses it for a nightlight too and since it’s LED it’s pretty energy efficient. Great product for both kids and adults and it makes for a great gift. I would recommend this product.

  44. Y**j

    I had to write a review on this because it’s so awesome! I got this for my 8year old son who LOVES everything about the ocean. This thing is amazing. It works well. It has a lil jet that helps the jellyfish move around. It looks authentic. Also it has 2 buttons, one power on/off the other to change to specific color. My husband and I have it in our room as our son still likes to sleep around mom/dad. We have it on all the time. I highly recommend it. Sooo worth it.

  45. O**a

    I purchased this lamp to replace a battery powered motion picture lamp that was my 2.5 year olds. This thing is AMAZING. We have had so many visitors compliment on it as well. It was easy to set up, easy to maintain and everyone loves it. We would love to get a larger one at some point as well!

  46. J**a

    My son bought this for me he’s in military and sent me something that I can look at and think of him it’s been hard being we are so close I’ve been a little lonely so this melted my heart ❤️ thank you son I love it

  47. F**l

    This was sent as a gift with only 1 jellyfish which was fun to watch. I thought it would be nice to have more jelly fish and called to get another-which was eventually sent (2 more) The interaction is pleasant and flowing and has a calming effect on my alzheimers father-in law. He enjoys watching it when he’s awake and wandering and better yet it’s a good way for us to light his room at night and for him to wake up to it. My only wish is that it wasn’t on a 4 hour timer. It turns off in the middle of the night and I need to turn it back on before he awakens.

  48. V**j

    My child loves this. It’s very relaxing and fun to watch. We use it as a nightlight. It works awesome; the only issue is sometimes the water gets cloudy and we have to change it. It also hurts if you put your finger in the tank and surprise the jellyfish; the venom in their stingers is pretty intense.

  49. D**p

    This jellyfish tank is very entertaining and hypnotizing. The setup of the tank is a bit lengthy as you have to soak the two jellyfish in dish soap for 4-8 hours. We left ours soaking overnight and was ready the next morning. It’s very enjoyable to watch as these things come alive when the tank is turned on. I’m taking a star away because the pump speed is not adjustable and the jellyfish are moving a lot faster than they naturally would.

  50. M**w

    I bought this electric jelly fish tank for my classroom. I teach 3rd grade and our current focus is why people explore the sea. My students absolutely love watching the jelly fish move around in the tank. They are very curious about them which then evolved into research…. Love IT !!! Adults drop in the classroom are amazed at the life like jelly fish. I enjoy watching them….very relaxing. Highly recommend this product – easy to set up and no maintenance needed

  51. C**l

    My 4 yr old son recently became obsessed with jellyfish and wanted “real jellyfish” for Christmas. This product is even better! And much more kid-friendly 😉 My son actually thought these were “real” (we had to convince him otherwise because he thought they’d sting us). They really do come to life!
    Also, the original jellyfish accidentally got tossed out with Christmas wrappings. I contacted the seller and she quickly sent us a replacement. Great customer service

  52. S**h

    Purchased by our 9 year old daughter…She loves it. I love that it doesn’t get hot (like a lava lamp), and I love the 4 hr timer. That way when my daughter forgets to turn it off, it shuts down automatically.

  53. G**s

    This was a Christmas gift. It is very life like. The only thing we wish was that the motor was a little slower as to make the jellyfish move a little more like they are real. Other than that it is a great product!

  54. M**l

    This light is so pretty. People think its real which amazes me. I mean like where am I going to get jellyfish . Follow the directions and the jellyfish appear to frolic in the tank. They appear to just float at first but once the bubbles disappear, they are real active. It changes colors if you like and the motor isnt that loud. Love it❤️

  55. T**l

    Absolutely love this. It’s so beautiful and relaxing to watch! I didn’t soak my jellyfish like it said in the directions. I just put them in the distilled water and knocked the air bubbles off with a fork. They started swimming like they are supposed to!

  56. Z**c

    fun little display, sort of the 21st century lava lamp.

  57. F**o

    I like to occasionally add decorations to our guest house and this one turned out to be a real conversation starter. The guest comment on how they love just relaxing and watching the jelly fish. There is a multi color or choose a single color. I like the blue myself.

    This was a good project for my girls to work on together. They soaked the jellyfish in soapy water (blue Dawn) overnight, then rinsed them off as to not make the water turbid. Then they filled the plastic tank with distilled water., added the jellyfish and viola, instant feed free aquatic life.

    This comes with everything you need (except soap and distilled water) to get you up and running: tank, lid, motor, cord, wall outlet head, and two 4″ jellyfish that are unique from one another.

    They motor shuts off after 4 hours. It comes in a gift box if case you are gifting.

  58. D**f

    Got this last week. Followed directions but soaked my jellyfish for 48 hours instead of 4-8 (forgot about them). Washed them off really well and amazingly they started swimming within a few hours of me putting them in the tank. I walked by them once floating at the TOP of the water, tapped on the container to loosen the air bubbles off of them and they immediately started swimming. So it as even nicer for me because they worked almost immediately! Love the color change mode and they really do look like they are swimming! I would highly recommend this for everyone-I just like the calming ambiance they add to my already pleasantly calm living room, but would even more so recommend this for people with stress and anxiety disorders. Extremely calming!

  59. J**r

    The lamp itself is really easy to put together and works well. Mine had a malfunction with the motor. The company put 2 cards in the box which made it super easy to reach out to them and I was able to e-mail them, send them a video of how my lamp was working and they immediately sent out a replacement. Super friendly and quick response time. I would recommend to anyone.
    This lamp is really cool and I get a lot of compliments on it even when it wasn’t working properly. LOL
    My 8 year old and I really enjoy having it around.

  60. A**s

    I just aded water and put the jellyfish in there. After reading just now that it had to be distilled water and soaking jeelyfish in dish washing soap with no intructions included, didn’t know. It’s looks beautiful and realxing at this time

  61. E**p

    My grandson loved this jellyfish lamp for a Christmas gift. Very nice

  62. M**w

    My daughter got it for a Christmas present. She loves to change the water color light, and follows the jellyfish with her finger.

  63. R**w

    This is the first review I have ever written for a product. I’m writing because I wanted everyone to know what a wonderful experience I have had owning this lamp! I bought it for my first university dormitory as a desk decoration and night light, and it filled both roles beautifully! The slow change of colors is soothing and visually appealing. I find myself watching the graceful movement of the jellyfish quite frequently. It is good for stress relief during exams or times of heavy homework. It casts a decent amount of light that allows me to see around the room, but does not keep me awake. I was concerned at first about completing the seemingly-complicated set-up-process, but all I had to do was soak the jellyfish in a cup of dish detergent overnight, wipe them down with a napkin without rinsing, and then fill the tank with distilled water to an acceptable level before submerging them. I have never had to clean it, and I have owned the lamp for over a year now. The water and tank remain as clear and clean as the day I set up the tank. There is no maintenance. The light has endured my over-usage of it with exemplary results. I keep it on almost constantly, and yet it continues to work well. There have been no hiccups or signs of quitting. The only flaw I have found is that sometimes the jellyfish will still along the bottom, but they usually manage to unstick themselves. It happened more frequently the first few weeks I owned it, and now very rarely ever happens. All I do to unstick it (and there is no need to unstick it yourself unless you’re wanting to show your friend the jellyfish swimming, because when the lamp turns off automatically after about four hours, the jellyfish always go floating back up to the top of the tank to resume their dance upon reactivation) is gently shake the tank or simply turn it off, allowing the jellyfish to be released and float back to the top, and then turn it back on. It is very user-friendly, with only two big buttons, one to alter the color cycle and one to turn it on and off. Perfect for a child or a grandparent to operate. I have gotten so many compliments on it during my ownership. It’s usually one of the first things people say when they walk in to my dorm (and my dorm has many other novelties one would think would evoke a stronger reaction). When a group of resident advisors conducted room inspections, they were concerned the jellyfish were real! I have had five visitors genuinely believe these were real jellyfish (and I do not often have visitors, so I am sure more tricks could be played by a more social owner). My cousin’s daughter, about eight years old, thinks it’s so cool! She wants one. It is fairly easy to transport without spilling, so long as it is not dramatically tipped. It’s not an airtight seal, and it’s not supposed to be; water will come out if you tip it or drop it. The lid is not fastened snugly on or anything, but it is difficult to knock the lamp over when it is on a flat surface because of the weight of the water holding it down. I am exceptionally clumsy, however, and yet have never spilled more than an ounce (this happened because I accidentally tilted the box when loading up the car to go back home). I have never had to change the water in the tank or add more water to the tank. To prevent it from spilling during transport, I simply put it back in its box and hold it during the car ride when I move my possessions in or out of my dorm for summer. It is a perfect, worry-free, zero-maintenance, beautiful, fun pet for all ages! It is vastly superior to owning a real fish tank and having to pay for its upkeep with both money and time. It is just as lovely and just as fulfilling. I wholeheartedly recommend this product and will buy one again in the future!

  64. S**o

    I bought this tank for my cats to enjoy. They love watching the birds I was hoping this would be the same. Well not so much. But in saying this my husband and myself enjoy it . Very relaxing! Would have gave it 5 stars but it is not as quite as I would like. But still a great buy

  65. R**w

    This product is awesome! My son got this for Christmas and just loves it. Super easy to put together (jelly fish need to be soaked in water for a couple hours before using.) I love that you can change the lights and beat features is it has a timer so it turns off while child is asleep.

  66. E**n

    yes we really like it and works great. The only thing is the instructions are somewhat vague. Not a lot of info with them. After about a week or two we started to get slime and goo in the tank but we think it’s because we didn’t rinse of the jelly fish before putting them in (they were soaking in soap and the instructions didn’t say to rinse them) so we hope that is why.

  67. R**j

    Directions are straightforward, quick and easy to assemble and set up. Fill the tank with distilled water, plop your jellyfish in, plug it in, bada boom ready to go, the lights are nice too.

    After a week, the smaller jellyfish was still floating at the top, so I popped the little air bubbles under the jellyfish dome head thing with a spoon and it and it sank like normal. Jellyfish work as well as could be expected! After several weeks, none of the tentacles have gotten tangled at all, the jellyfish function well together. The directions say you can put the jellyfish in dishsoap or whatever but.. yeah no I completely skipped that step and the jellyfish work just fine. 🤘

    They work. Keep pressing the button to cycle through all the colors. including my favorite, the one that slowly cycles through all of them.

    The Jellyfish ‘stand’ underwater nicely when motor isn’t on. Jellyfish ‘swim’ well too in my opinion, as well as could be expected. There’s an upwards water stream at the bottom and the when the jellyfish float into the stream they get blasted and swim/dance around a little bit. That, with the lights at night and it’s a really cool thing.

    It makes a little noise but it’s not too noisy in my opinion and I have it on my desk right next to me. A soft hum.

    I have low expectations, I won’t be surprised if it stops working some day. However, that day hasn’t come yet and I’ve had it for quite a while now. It still works so it’s worth the $3

    Sure it may not be a real jellyfish, but it’s the next best thing!

    It works. I have it on my desk. It’s not bulky or in the way, has a low profile esthetic when off. If you want a jellyfish tank with fake jellyfish, get this one.

  68. V**l

    Hee hee hee, these are really neat. I wasn’t sure how they would look but after setting it up they are really cute. My son was freaked out at first, then he thought they were the neatest thing. He wanted me to set them up in the kitchen somewhere so “the whole family” can see them, not on my desk where only I can see them. Setup is easy: add water and plug it in. Then for a few days you knock the bubbles off the jellyfish every now and then and then they are set for good.
    It says distilled water is preferred but I just used tap water.
    I’m glad I got them. They automatically turn off after 4 hours and I always go by and return them back on. Just love seeing them.

  69. A**p

    Very big hit this Christmas! You MUST follow all the instructions. We soaked the jellyfish in dishwashing detergent and used distilled water a suggested. It takes a few days for all the bubbles to work themselves out but we’ve had a very successful result. It’s so pretty and mesmerizing, especially at night. Would absolutely recommend!!

  70. M**g

    We received the jellyfish lamp very quickly and love it. It’s a fairly large tank and lights up beautifully! There are two steps needed before you can get your tank up and running. So be prepared that you can’t just start it immediately. First you need to soak the jellyfish in dish soap for 4-8 hours to soften them up, and rinse them very well after. Second, you need to fill the tank with distilled or filtered water to avoid cloudiness.
    Once we got our tank running we were so impressed! The jellyfish truly dance around inside. It’s mesmerizing to watch and really helps our daughter calm down at bedtime. The tank will run for 4 hours and then auto shut off. There are lots of different light combinations. We love when it just cycles through all of them. I would also like to note that the motor sound is audible and turns on and off every 20-30 seconds or so to keep the jellyfish moving around. But we found it wasn’t a problem for our daughter when trying to fall asleep. Overall we’re super happy with this purchase!

  71. A**t

    Had to write a review on this one right away! I love it so much! Setup was fairly easy. Follow the directions in the box. It takes a bit of time but nothing difficult. I’ve been staring at it since it added the jellies to the tank. Unfortunately it’s a birthday gift. I’ll be ordering my own soon! Great product so far!

  72. R**s

    Bought 2 of these- one for our granddaughter for Christmas, and my wife bought one after seeing the first. They look very real swimming around in their tank. Both love them

  73. J**v

    The pictures do this light no justice. It’s AWESOME!! I bought it for my nephew for Christmas & he loves it, along with everyone else!! Also, when I received it it had no instructions and I notified the seller who emailed me a copy within a couple of hours (on the weekend) I absolutely recommend the product & the seller!!

  74. R**m

    Got it for my autistic grandson for Christmas. He loved it. It’s very cool to look at.

  75. V**s

    It was given for a birthday gift & is being thoroughly enjoyed. Directions were clear & no problems setting up

  76. C**L

    These are so good I had to buy one for each child’s room! I even want one for my kitchen now. So relaxing and fun to watch. I didn’t bother with the dish soap, just used distilled water as recommended. Within about 24 hours jellyfish were active and bouncing around. At first I thought I got duds for fish because they just hovered at the top, but it just needed time to get going. Highly recommend!

  77. R**e

    Love this jellyfish tank. Very realistic.
    I soaked my jellyfish six hours before putting in the tank using distilled water. Loved it so much sent one to my grandsons.
    Customer service is excellent if you have any questions.

  78. A**r

    Really cool product! Highly recommend! Very relaxing watching the lights and jellyfish. Can take a day or so for the jellyfish to get conditioned in water till they move perfectly. Well worth the short wait

  79. S**p

    My daughter will absolutely love this thing she’s been wanting a fish in her room for the longest time and I just don’t wanna deal with the upkeep or the cleaning or the fact that it might not survive being in her room or any of that this is the perfect solution it’s really cool and I think she’s really gonna love it and it’s something I don’t have to worry about she can turn it on plug it in and have it with the round and she can be mesmerized by it and I don’t have to worry about feeding anything or keeping anything else going in this house.

  80. O**i

    This is such a fun “aquarium” table lamp. The artificial Jellyfish dance through the water with changeable colored lights. This delightful lamp stays on for four hours and will automatically turn off. This is so much fun and makes me happy! Highly recommend!!!

  81. V**l

    I bought this to put on my desk at work. Extremely easy to assemble and I love it. The first person that saw it this morning said “Oh, my gosh! Where did you get that? That’s a real attention grabber.” He wants to purchase for his kid(s). Waiting on response from other coworkers as only one has yet to see it. When I set it up last night I told my husband that I have to get one for each of my great-grands, and I will.

  82. E**i

    Gag gift for my brother-in-law for his 60th birthday. Reminiscent of a lava lamp, which we grew up with. Jellyfish are a lot cooler to watch even if they are not real. Fun! His grandkids will probably end up stealing it from pawpaw. That’s okay, it was just for fun anyway.

  83. Z**o

    Having bought my original jellyfish tank in August, and having enjoyed it so much, I bought a second one as a gift for my dad who was convalescing in a nursing facility. The lovely “dance of the Jellys” calmed and relaxed him ( even his blood pressure a bit). Highly recommend as a relaxing and entertaining gift for anyone on your Christmas list — and no maintenance !

  84. I**h

    This thing is money! My daughter is 9 and loves it. Hell i love it. Its so hypnotic and relaxing to watch. My go too gift for kids

  85. J**a

    Got this for my husband for Christmas you really likes it.

  86. J**a

    Christmas gift

  87. G**a

    I work at a school and all the kids love it

  88. I**r

    The only directions provided are on the box so don’t throw it out and make sure you read and follow them! The manufacturer has done a nice job identifying the issues a buyer might encounter and provides effective tips to resolve them. Follow the dish soap tip for 8 hours, not 4, hours. The jellyfish will still probably remain floating at the top covered in tiny air bubbles, but it’s to get rid of them with something like a chopstick, by repeatedly pushing them (gently) to the bottom of the tank. This should solve the problem. It’s IMPORTANT to be PATIENT The lamp is not going to work correctly right out of the box, but when you do get it working your kids (or you) are going to love it. Plenty of different colors and the movement is lifelike. Best viewed in the dark. Also be sure to fill the tank to the top and be careful with very young kids because if they knock it over you will have a mess.

  89. F**c

    Great product, easy to assemble

  90. K**c

    Product was exactly as described. Size of a regular lava lamp and a little more pricey but way more fun for kids of any age

  91. I**p

    We have had this “jellyfish” light in my son’s room for almost 2 years and it is still going strong. The jellyfish are realistic looking and it serves as a great nightlight while he is falling asleep

  92. C**u

    Love to watch the jellyfish go. Setup was at least 48 hours but east to do

  93. V**c

    My mom can not have pets so we got her this for her birthday and she loves it ❤️

  94. A**h

    Good product, but some of the directions are not totally clear. The giant jellyfish seem obnoxious, but that might just be me.

  95. E**W

    Vibrant colors, good motion

  96. C**s

    I bought this pretty cute lamp for an aquarium fish lover birthday present, it was the best present for this young kid, he loves it and we all enjoy it so much too, our visitors in the house make great comments about the lamp, at first sight the little jellyfish look so real that everyone asks how we found jellyfish for aquarium then they realize they are not really, i personally enjoy seeing them moving in the tank they are very cute!! besides customer service is one of a kind they assist you immediately to help you with any questions or concerns!!

  97. E**o

    I received this as a gift from my son. My original item was missing the little sponge on the bottom of the unit. No problem returning it and getting a replacement unit. Stuff happens. What matters is how the manufacturer handles the problem. 6 STARS!!! I now have a completely functional unit that I love. Some earlier reviewers had problems with the motor. If I encounter any problems with mine in the future I will update my review, but right now I rate mine as a solid 5 stars.

  98. D**j

    You guys did such a GREAT job on the Jellyfish lamp tank product, although I know they’re not real, they have a real pleasant effect! I’ve always dreamt of having a Sea Jelly Tank, but I know they’re not practical, not to mention the maintenance on something like that; but your product gives me the feeling I desired in having a sea jelly tank, thank you so much for creating this and making it of outstanding quality!

  99. E**l

    Bought it for my granddaughter for Christmas. She loves it – it’s really cool

  100. G**t

    So far – Good product.

  101. Y**a

    My kids and I just LOVE this lamp! Please note- it takes about a day for the jellyfish to move really well because. As the instructions say, you have to remove the air bubbles that form in the first 24 hours with a spoon. After you do that, they move beautifully 🙂 It is so fun to watch the jellyfish turn colors and move so gracefully and it is very relaxing to watch. I highly recommend this product if you love beautiful mesmerizing objects!!

  102. G**s

    Works as advertised. For the first 2 days, I had to poke the smaller jellyfish from time to time with a fork to release air bubbles which were causing it to float to the surface. It’s cheap plastic and the plug in the back fits very loosely, so one star was deducted. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, appearing both on the box and on a paper inside the box. The light can be set to cycle through all the colors, or it can be set to stay on a color of your choosing. All in all, I’m satisfied, but I do think it’s a little pricey for such cheap, brittle plastic.

  103. D**i

    I used this as a centerpiece for an “Under the Sea” party. It was definitely a highlight for guests of all ages!
    It looked great at night and provided entertainment and amusement for all.
    This is a great gift idea and can be used as a night light or decorative accent light

  104. W**o

    Amazing lamp! Beautiful colors, very realistic looking and so very relaxing to watch. Bought it for my kiddo, but now thinking of getting another one.

    Relying on a reviewer of another model of one of these and some further research, I made a slight modification to the instructions provided by the seller. Upon soaking the jellyfish overnight in dish soap, and filling the tank with distilled water, I found that m the larger one floated around the tank more or less freely. But the smaller jelly fish constantly hung out at the top.

    So I added a few very small (tiny!) drops of clear dish soap. This made a HUGE difference in the way that the jellyfish dance around the tank. The dish soap provides a bit of lubrication that is needed to allow jelly fish to flow freely versus staying at the top.

    I wish I could find one of these in a larger format and something I could wall mount.

  105. C**l

    Love this little aquarium, easy set up just soak🚿🚿 the jellies first and use pure water! My kids are teens and loved it

  106. N**e

    It came immediately and the aquarium is great. I have had trouble sleeping even with sleeping pills and I used it for the first time last night , watched it and I became sleepy! I went to sleep immediately! I am so glad i purchased it. Also its so cute and fun next to my bed. I had a question and the store answered me immediately. Great service. Great device to help to go to sleep and its cute to watch.i

  107. N**l

    This product is lovely, it makes no sound, it’s easy to put together you literally just put the jellyfish in and fill with water, it’s a great nightlight for kids and wonderful if you have issues sleeping like me. However, the ‘yellowish green’ jellyfish that I got rarely leaves the bottom for some reason. The current is clearly coming in contact with it as the tendrils move but the body doesn’t. It just sits in the bottom like weird kelp. I’m not sure if I just got one with too much weight, or a defective one, but I’ll likely be buying a new set of silicone jellyfish to go in this tank. Overall it’s definitely worth the money if you want something relaxing and cute for your desk / bed side table. Though I would definitely recommend keeping in mind that you may have to buy new jellyfish to go in it. Also keep in mind that it is fairly bright so if you are planning on using this for sleep like myself, if you can’t sleep in bright rooms or areas this product likely won’t help you. Overall this product is great and DEFINITELY something that would be awesome for kids. So long as you keep in mind to possibly buy new inserts

  108. T**l

    Absolutely love this. This was a gift for my teen daughter who loves jelly fish and she loves it. The jellies swim so gracefully, they are so relexing to watch. Followed the directions and soaked them in dish soap for 4 hours before adding them to distilled water. The only problem was a short in the cord. I contacted the seller who responded within a few hours and quickly had a replacement to me in less than a week. Communicating with me while I waited. Great service and product.

  109. N**e

    great value…beautiful…gifts from Auntie

  110. Z**i

    This lamp is wonderful. The colours are bright and vibrant, with multiple options for a solid colour or colour-changing. My kids use it as a nightlight in their room and it automatically shuts off after a few hours. The jellyfish are so lifelike and fun to watch. Simple to set up and use.

  111. C**i

    Great item. Its entertaining. Great nightlight. My grandson loves it!!!

  112. R**z

    This is a great lil investment. I find it relaxing to watch while going to sleep. The colors are bright & very pretty. The jelly fish I got with mine have florescent yellow & pink markings which I love. This would make a great gift for kids & adults alike & takes up very little space. Very simple to use, just fill to desired water level & plugin & turn it on, just that simple. I do suggest placing the jelly fish in top first as it eliminates air build up in the fish & they move better, when the head is filled with water. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a fish tank but doesn’t have the room for one or just because you want something not everyone would have

  113. O**s

    Very beautiful night light or just lighted decor. We bought this lamp for my daughter’s birthday and it has exceeded expectations in beauty and brightness. We soaked the jellyfish in Dawn for 24 hours, rinsed them off well and filled the tank with distilled water, added the jellys and pushed any air out of them and turned it on. This would make a great gift for persons on any age.

  114. H**m

    I would have given this 5 stars, but there were a couple of things that knocked it back a little for me. It’s a “build your own” set up, they send you the power adapter, two Jellyfish, the tank with lid and instructions. The instructions tell you that set up (full setup) was 72 hours. (to completely get rid of all bubbles in the unit and let the jellyfish move as intended), it also take 3-4 hours of the Jellyfish soaking in dishwashing liquid before they can be added to the tank and they prefer it to be distilled water, but you can use bottled water if Distilled isn’t available.

    Once it was set up it really is a neat thing to watch. It’s a little bigger than I expected it to be, which is a plus, the motor is strong, so the movement is swift in the tank at times (it’s like a fountain motor) and it’s on a 4 hour timer. This will be very enjoyable to watch and a great addition to the house. The cats are still trying to figure out what it is!

  115. G**l

    Great product, extremely realistic and relaxing. Takes a while to set up due to having to soak the Jelly fish in distilled water for a day, and has an auto turn off feature that I could do without. Other than that, great item for the price

  116. M**m

    This lamp is super fun and relaxing. The jelly fish look and swim like real ones. Some of my guests are surprised that they are plastic. It is well made and the light show is beautiful. It is so nice to watch that it can be distracting and sad when it turns off… which is complete compliment. I had bought it to entertain the cats, but because it does not smell, they are not interested. Now it is a nice conversational piece! Love it!

  117. G**r

    I love the item. It creates a relaxing mood with the colored lights, and it’s fun to see the little creatures swimming around the thank. I’m very happy with this purchase

  118. L**i

    This jellyfish tank is awesome! We use it as a nightlight in my six-year-old son’s shark themed bedroom. He falls asleep watching the jellyfish every night. The whites are the perfect brightness and the movement of the jellyfish is very calming. At night we use the red light so it doesn’t disturb his sleep. Highly recommend this product

  119. C**r

    I absolutely love this product. I always wanted one. It looks like real jellyfish swimming

  120. G**p

    I got this for my daughters to use as a night light in their room. It is really cool and works just like the videos show. The instructions were very clear and it is easy to assemble. We love watching the jellyfish and everytime it turns off someone turns it right back on.

  121. N**l

    Bubbles form inside fish and they stay on top.

  122. V**l

    for my friends. They had mentioned that they had seen one of these at a friends house and how they liked it. So I purchased this for their gift and they were over-the-moon happy. They immediately set it up and they spend time just staring at it each day. They say that it is even better than their friend’s because it has changing colors. The are so happy with the realistic movements of the jellyfish. They love it. It makes me happy that they are so, so happy with it.

  123. S**r

    We love the jellyfish tank. We followed the directions for set up which required a bit of dish soap and it requires distilled water. The 2 jellyfish have bright colors and the colored lights make for fun watching. We turn it in every evening. It’s a cool conversation piece and a way to relax and unwind. Fun!!

  124. A**p

    Loved it! Easy to assemble. Need distilled water! Soak the fish or jellyfish in Dawn dishwasher soap for 4-6 hours first then rinse well before adding to the distilled water. Tape the top closed for added safety. Keep away from animals and electronics because of the water. Great night light overall shuts off after 4 hours my little one wishes it stayed on longer 🙂

  125. A**b

    It was a easy set up, my kids loved it , the problem is I didn’t soak it for 8 hours and I’m pretty sure they stayed at a small size (jellyfish) so please listen and soak overnight . One of them floats only the other works very good it says give it about 24 hours so I will wait. Other then that it lights up many color and no leakage highly recommend it ! Just please do soak the jelly fish for the amount of time asked and enjoy!

  126. M**J

    We bought this as a gift for our granddaughter and set it up so it was operational when she opened it. We were sad to give it up! It worked perfectly and provided an interesting, peaceful atmosphere. I would definitely buy this again!

  127. T**h

    My daughter picked this out for her 10th birthday wish list. The product performs exactly as demonstrated and she loves it!

  128. F**i

    These toy jellyfish are adorable. The different light options are nice and very easy to use and product seems to be good quality. I followed the directions to soak the jellyfish in dish soap and to rinse thoroughly – with that, they never had lots of bubbles (or any, for that matter) in the tank and they swam about freely right from the start. Definitely recommend!

  129. S**s

    I bought this for my 7 yo nephew for his birthday. He had seen similar ones on our trips to our local aquarium and asked me to buy him one every time we went. Not only was this one larger, it was also less expensive. I decided to get it based on the reviews and the fact it fell within the birthday budget. I followed the directions (soaking the jellyfish in dish soap) at my house, then set it up in his bedroom as a surprise. The jellyfish look fairly lifelike and are quite “active” in the tank. Most importantly, my nephew loves it and takes me to see his jellyfish every time I visit. His older sister liked it so much she insisted I buy her one for her next birthday too!

  130. D**m

    Bought this for my 7 yr old daughter and loves it. She has it on her bedside stand and uses it as a night light. Super easy to assemble. Jelly fish look real and it has multiple different color settings. Only complaint is the blower that moves the water around causing the jelly fish to move blows pretty hard and makes the jelly fish flip upside down a lot.

  131. Y**o

    Seriously very real looking… relaxing… entertaining everyone loves it

  132. K**p

    This item was a great find and have recommended it to quote a few friends so far! My 11 month old is enjoying watching it and it works well as a night light for us! Even with the auto shut off after 4 hours I can turn it back on as an option! The only down side was there were no instructions but I saw other reviews on how to set it up!
    Soak the jellyfish in dish soap and water for 4-8 hours
    Fill tank with distilled water leave 1/2 inch from the top- will have bubbles but ours disappeared after about a day or 2!
    Even the puppy loves watching it!
    Definitely a great product! Hopefully, the pump and the fish will last!

  133. O**r

    These little jellyfish are so cool!!! After a few days all the bubbles went away off the sides and the jellyfish and they just swim around and bounce around and it looks awesome. The colours are really bright and we have had it about two months now and no issues. Sits on a computer desk and floats away

  134. L**s

    Very unique product the reason for the four stars is because my daughter who is 4 and 1/2 loves the thing. I agree with some of the other reviews that it’s definitely not realistic-looking maybe from across the room you might wonder. The color changing is very nice and relaxing. Didn’t really see the need to put it in the dish soap however I did it anyways didn’t seem to make a difference in the jellyfish. As far as getting the bubbles off I tried a spoon but then just lifted them out and got the bubbles off with my fingers seemed to work fine the first day they just sat at the top of the tank but by the second day they move around the tank constantly.

  135. F**o

    Realistic looking jellyfish! We had a slight issue with our first one and so we contacted the company. They got back to us within a day and immediately took care of our issue and followed up to make sure we were satisfied and that our problem had been solved. Thats great customer service and I’ll definitely be shopping from them again! The company truly cares about the customer and they make great quality products, everyone loves our jellyfish and they all think they are real!

  136. S**w

    Everyone loves my jellyfish. This would be a great gift for a kid.(I bought mine after my grandson got one for his birthday.)
    You will be surprised how many people ask,”Are those real” before realizing that
    It’s just a fun thing to have

  137. M*h

    This lamp is fantastic. I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly. I’m not sure about longevity because I’ve only had it for a short time, but I am very satisfied with the overall concept of the lamp. The colors are fantastic, the jellyfish look real, the tank looks perfect for my office, and or a bedroom. I would highly recommend this as a unique gift. Caution, make sure you follow the directions ( that are very clear) when you set it up. One note: when they state in the directions to submerge the jelly fish ( to soften them) in dishwashing liquid for 4-8 hours they don’t state how much, so I put a just one squirt in water, and it worked fine. It’s a little time consuming, but not difficult, however if you are giving as a present for a child then I would help them set it up.

  138. L**c

    Bought this for my grandson’s birthday. He loves his jellyfish, so lifelike. It took a bit for the small one to start moving, it finally came to life! And no feeding! Yay! Gives a great ambiance to his room. So cool

  139. K**c

    Cute. I soaked mine for a day in dish soap. Can I get a couple more jellyfish to add to the tank.

  140. F**o

    I bought it for my sons 6th birthday. Hes absolutely mesmerized by it. Very relaxing even for me.

  141. F**s

    It’s pretty good! You can have a small decor for a gathering, parties,get together etc. It will definitely attract people’s attention and look nice. Many people even asked us if the fishes are real ! Ste up and cleaning is easy.

  142. H**r

    After the initial set up, this lamp looks great. I bought it to use as a night light for my four year old and he loves it. How the lamp works is that there’s a little motor that pumps the water up in a stream from the bottom. The motor runs for a few seconds and then turns off for a few seconds so it makes a little rhythm. The jellyfish get caught in the current and fling upward then when the pump shuts off they float back down. The color changing effect is very mesmerizing and I like how many color options there are (I think there are six plus just the light with no added color). You also have the option to just have a color light on without the motor. The jellyfish stay still in this mode, but it’s a nice silent light.
    I had reviewed this product previously and given it one star because I had mistakenly thought it didn’t come with instructions and I wasn’t able to get a response from the seller right away. I found that I did in fact have the instructions all along and the seller did reply to me after a few days with a PDF of the instructions and an apology. That was my bad so one star for me as a customer on that one. Sorry.

  143. V**r

    My son absolutely loves this! We were actually looking at lava lamps, but he found this instead. It shuts off automatically after 4 hours, changes colors or can stay on one color, and was very easy to set-up. I highly recommend it.

  144. E**r

    Only one jellyfish moves. The other just floats on the top. I’ve removed the bubbles but still it stays on the top of the tank

  145. T**z

    Everything came in great shape. My son is assembling it for me and should have it going tonight. Can not wait! Love the jellies and lights! I usually keep it on dark blue light and can watch the jellies forever. If you are looking for something calming, this is it.

  146. F**c

    Easy to use, you must soak the jelly fish in dish soap. The jelly fish are super cheap and rip easy. Not very life like. The motor goes fast so the jellyfish are jumping around the tank instead of floating. My 6 year gets a kick out of it, but if it was for an adult they would hate it.

  147. M**b

    Contrary to some reviews, I found the jellyfish tank easy to set up. The hardest part was waiting for the jellies to soak! I set the tank up about 10 minutes ago and as suggested removed the bubbles from the jellies (I used my finger). They are swimming and looking good! The product is sturdy and well made and reasonable. And it arrived a day early. What’s not to love?

  148. S**l

    This thing is even cooler looking than in the video. One of the jellyfish is super realistic and the other is more trippy than natural. But they both look and move amazing.

    Do note that this thing takes 2-3 days to start working properly. Maybe that is in the description but I don’t remember it. Only one of mine worked after 72 hours but a slight dunk of the other one caused it to start working immediately.

    The only downside from my perspective is that it has a water pump so it makes noise. It isn’t very loud but enough that it is distracting in a quite room. Even with the TV on you can hear it. Again, not loud just there

  149. M**p

    makes a great gift. Easy to set up, just do as they tell you to and be patient.

  150. E**o

    My daughter wanted Jellyfish and I told her that was not happening lol. This light came in good time. Works well and looks really neat. I think its price point is fair and would recommend this product. I also recommend going to the dollar store and buying glass marble sized balls and putting them in the bottom. It holds the light and makes it all look even more authentic and pretty.

  151. E**o

    Gave it to my 9 yo niece and she is obsessed! She actually made my 4 yo nephew believe they are real so he “feeds them” every day lol it’s too cute

  152. H**j

    I love how much my nephew enjoys the lamp! He has already named them Joey and Jerry! It was easy to put together but the bubbles from the soap are a little annoying. You have to wait a while for them to go away.

  153. L**j

    I bought this as a gift for my eight-year-old granddaughter. Easy to set up. I think she will love to be it

  154. D**h

    Perfect gift for my 3 year old granddaughter. She loves it!

  155. G**w

    These people are amazing. Best customer service I’ve ever had anywhere. Solved problem quick! So nice. I got the jellyfish lamp and that is a great product also! So cute! Fish look so real!

  156. V**i

    Really love setting and watching these little jelly fish swim around.. I know they aren’t real but sometimes they sure do look real.. I believe it helps to lower my blood pressure. It is so soothing to watch them

  157. A**r

    I was worried at first about the quality of the product due to its price, but I was pleasantly surprised. This table lamp is not only very easy to set up but it is also very appealing to the eye. My 7 year old loves it

  158. O**i

    Purchased for my grandson….just wish it was a little larger. Lighting is great!

  159. B**p

    I think this is a pretty cool light. Its OBVIOUSLY NOT real jellyfish, so I don’t understand why some reviews are bashing this product so hard about it not being “realistic” and “true to life movements” . It ie relaxing and enjoyable to watch. Functions exactly as I assume it would. Also seen several other reviews about people complaining they didn’t get instructions with it… well… they are printed on the outside of the box!

  160. X**a

    I think this is so cute. Need a nightlight in my room. It also is fun to watch to fall asleep. Love the different lighting effects.
    No notice at all

  161. L**f

    I love my jellyfish! They look very realistic and aesthetic, and I love to show them to people lol. I usually don’t write reviews but after the amazing customer service I received, I felt that I had to! When it first came in, the tank was leaking and it affected the motor, so I just emailed the company and they just sent me a new in the matter of 2 days! I’m really happy with my purchase and the service, good job! 😊 will probably get another one as a gift

  162. D**w

    The jelly fish looks more realistic that I expected.
    Now I always have something in my bedroom to entertain me with endless beauty.
    But sometimes I wish it didn’t have the auto-power off. I was expecting to run this thing 24/7 but it will never happen.

  163. E**i

    Given as a gift for our son. He loves it. The jellyfish look realistic. Great bright colors.

  164. E**c

    My daughter loved this I got it for her room! Everything worked as the instructions stated.

  165. B**j

    Nice size jellyfish night light. Many reviews state that the jellyfish do not float properly however if you follow directions as provided with item then you should have no problems. Instruction detail that you need to let jellyfish soak in dish soap for 6 to 8 hours. I decided to soak them for the longer period of time of 8 hours. Make sure you use distilled water as well which the instructions do list. Jellyfish will not float properly at first but after a day or two, with removal of bubble (which instructions state when and how), the jellyfish will float. There is a multitude of different lighting colors you can choose from.

  166. D**p

    Love this! Forget that lava lamp you want and buy this! We leave it on all day and watch them swim around. Love the changing lights and their movements, they look so realistic. Pretty easy to assemble. We did use the soap method and the smaller one didn’t move too much at first, but after a day or 2 it perked up

  167. A**n

    I love this! People have often done a double-take and asked, “Those aren’t real, are they”? Lol 😃
    Valuable because it’s pretty and arouses curiosity. Oh, and my 7-year-old grandson is a fan!

  168. Z**m

    It has been functioning for a month now. So far our only complaint is that the Jets make the jellyfish move too fast and they don’t look as life like or natural as they could otherwise

  169. R**j

    This. Is. Amazing. Looks real and so fun to watch. Nice nightlight for my room. A great gift for a jelly fish fan/lover in your life. I’m 30 and I’m obsessed with it! All ages! Don’t hesitate you’ll love it 🙂

  170. F**p

    A housebound elderly friend had one of these and liked it so well, I got one for my desk at work and one for my seven year old grand daughter. She and her younger sister also like it.

  171. I**v

    I actually really like this lamp. Easy to set up, and works great!

  172. E**o

    This was a Birthday gift for our 12-year-old daughter. She has been wanting this for sometime since seeing it at our doctors office. It puts out plenty of light and movement. Bright colors and fun to watch the jellyfish. We are thinking of purchasing one for our 6-year-old granddaughter.

  173. J**w

    We love our lamp! I will say, following every step of the directions is a must, even the distilled water. We used regular water overnight after doing the soaking until I was able to go and grab some distilled the next morning, and right away the jellyfish were swimming. I would buy again from them!

  174. J**l

    The original unit we received was missing it’s power cord which was a bummer. I emailed customer service right away. They responded very promptly and sent us a new unit. The unit itself is pretty fun. My son loves to turn it on when he reads books. It makes a small hum but not bad at all. Overall, we are very happy with the purchase

  175. G**j

    I love the calming animation of the jellyfish with the associated l.e.d lighting. I have the device on my desk at work. I’ve received many compliments from coworkers. I will be purchasing more for the holidays

  176. U**p

    Love the lamp for our child’s room a little pricey

  177. C**n

    Love this in my room! It’s so relaxing to watch. It takes about a day to set it up properly since the jellyfish have to acclimate to the water so that they’ll flow properly, but it’s really pretty!

  178. H**o

    I love this !!! Would make a great gift !!!

  179. N**z

    Looks good, we love it! Okay, it’s kinda small compared to an aquarium visit and not perfect. Nonetheless, it looks awesome and really adds a nice touch to the room. Has that soothing motion like a lava lamp. The pump outlet points straight up so when the jellies got into the stream they suddenly ZOOMED upward like an F-15 on afterburner. I made a diffuser from vinyl tubing to split the pump output and direct it at the wall so they move more slowly now. With that minor thing done, it’s awesome.

  180. J**c

    Nice tank I have two of them great to watch but one of the jelly fish doesn’t swim like the others in the last tank l hope they will take of problem ,they had a new fish on the way the next day I love good customer service and they were great

  181. U**t

    I was sceptical, but I quickly changed my mind after an hour or so. It’s so beautiful and works so well.

  182. M**o

    1st one didn’t work properly the color lights weren’t changing. They sent me a replacement and works perfectly. Great customer service and a great lamp my daughter loves it. Jelly fish look so real

  183. G**r

    This will last or hold up, but I did want to mention that the jellyfish move awfully fast and most definitely move slower for a more soothing and realistic jelly fish tank . Also- the instructions were all misspelled on the box and packaging seemed very cheap. Otherwise atleast it works !

  184. R**y

    The light is as advertised and arrived in two days. I am extremely happy with the light. Ive had several people thats has visted my home ask is the jelly fish real. I had a questions about the light and received a response back in two days . I have been extremely impressed with their customer service, I would highly recommend the light

  185. Z**s

    I really like this product. You don’t have to clean it . The jellyfish will never die. I hate it cuts off after 4 hours . I guess that’s good, so it saves energy. I am a little shocked the price went up so much! 😳 would not buy it at the price it’s at now.

  186. C**w

    Bought this for my classroom and the kids and adults love it! Worth the effort of soaking the jellyfish!

  187. C**p

    This is a great decoration for a college dorm or any room you want to light up a bit really. The jellyfish bob and swim around naturally which i love. They can be a bit troublesome to get going at first, but once the water is in and they sit for a while, they will start moving,

  188. O**s

    I really liked the product, it came as described in the description and its a great piece of decoration (and a conversation starter)! Some people even think the jellyfish are real 🙂

  189. T**w

    Wow They act like real live fish I’ve had adults and kids ask were they alive
    Their motion is very calming and I love the light show. Plus it cuts off after 4 hours. Love that feature

  190. V**o

    It’s cool my daughter like it but we didn’t even have it 12 hours and the water pump started having problems it’s not as quiet as it is advertised but still it’s neat

  191. U**w

    So worth it!!! My daughter loves this lamp and everyone that sees it compliments how cool it is. We have had it for a couple of months and no mold like some reviews, but we used bottled water

  192. D**o

    Our first tank had a leak in it but I wrote their customer service and they sent a replacement one right away, free of charge! The new one works great and my kids love it

  193. R**j

    We bought this for our young children as a nightlight. The jellyfish swirl and dance beautifully in the water. The lights and colors are perfect. The 4 hour cut off works great. Shipping was awesome and it was easy to assemble. High quality plastic and power cord. We love our jellyfish and recommend them to anyone

  194. N**l

    My absolute favorite find on Eaboutyou.So realistic people don’t believe they are fake jellyfish!

  195. G**i

    I bought as a gift for my daughter, the pump didn’t work. I sent an email, and they replaced it – excellent customer service! Thank you, the replacement worked perfectly. It is enjoyed regularly

  196. J**t

    Great nightlight for kids. Not hard to assemble at all.

  197. G**e

    Works good and my daughter loves it! Bought this for my teenagers room. She had no problem following the directions and setting it up by herself. It’s definitely a hit in our house! It’s quite mesmerizing watching the jellyfish swim around!

  198. H**h

    This is great. It will mesmerize you. It’s great to look at anytime, love light changes feature and No one knows it’s not real. I had to contact the company because first one leaked, but they sent a replacement asap. They were great and super nice. Love doing buisness with great people

  199. E**t

    I use it in my classroom, and we all love it.

  200. T**w

    I purchased the light for my grandchild. She absolutely loves it. It performs as described. Arrived in perfect condition

  201. V**m

    I work in a school and I had a lava lamp that broke. This is SO much better!!! The kids love it and so do I. Very relaxing and makes no noise!

  202. D**l

    My nieces and nephews and I all LOVE watching these jellies dance in the color changing light.

  203. O**r

    Decent size. Color options and color-changing mode a great! Jelly fish movement is realistic. Overall, this was a great novelty gift for my 16 year old son’s bday, along with his new bedroom re-do

  204. A**j

    I read A ton of bad reviews on this project but they’re all misleading got the packages very good didn’t have to wash it and soap and I just put it right in the lamp and it worked

  205. A**m

    This little jellyfish light is a good lamp for my roommate’s 10 y/o grandson. Setup was simple, I just followed the included directions. I only removed one star because I think it could use a couple of features it doesn’t have. 1) It would be nice if there was an option to keep it on so it could be used as a nightlight. 2) I wish it would remember the light color setting so when you turn it back on (every 2 hrs) you wouldn’t have to also cycle through the color options to the one you want (he likes the blue).

  206. O**n

    Love it, want another. My daughter uses at a night light. Many different color setting. Plugs in and that’s it!

  207. M**p

    Gave this as a gift to a seventeen-year-old for birthday. VERY easy to set up. After we plugged it in we all just stared at it for at least 30 minutes. So relaxing and enjoyable!

  208. H**e

    Wife loves jellyfish and totally fell in love with this when I gave it to her. Works exactly as described. Recommended for any jelly fish lover

  209. A**n

    We ordered this for our 7 yo child. It was easy to follow the directions and set up. We only soaked our jellies for 1 hour in soap. It works amazingly. We use it every night

  210. Z**l

    My son loves this lamp! It was easy to set up and my son loves being able to change the colors and watch the little jellyfish! Definitely a great gift

  211. R**o

    Love it!So far it is working beautifully!

  212. F**i

    Kids love it

  213. S**l

    This is the coolest nightlight. I bought one of these for both of my kids for Easter and they LOVE them. One light ended up being damaged but customer service was so great and replaced it very quickly. We will enjoy these jellyfish lights for a long time.

  214. H**s

    Love this little jellyfish tank. The jellyfish look so happy floating and dancing in their tank. Great colors too

  215. N**v

    My grandsons (3 & 5 years old) love these lamps!!

  216. S**w

    Easy to set up, very soothing. I did have to buy a DC5V cable to plug it in, which I felt it should have come with, but it was easily procured, and this was a much more affordable option than many out there. My daughter loves it.

  217. L**j

    It’s a perfect gift for adults, children and yourself. Easy to assemble. Very relaxing to watch

  218. S**v

    I enjoy the tank. But I got it for the cats. They looked at it once for a few minutes, then left the room. When I opened the box, the wife gave me a “are you serious?” look.

  219. O**w

    Love it!!!! Mesmerizing,Beautiful and Relaxing. Easy setup, arrived very fast with prime. Thanks for a wonderful product!

  220. J**a

    It is so nice in the dark corner of my cubicle, adds just enough light and fun to watch the jellyfish “swim”. They do move freely after soaking as described in the instructions

  221. G**p

    Based on the reviews and other products out there I wasn’t sure what to expect. The instructions weren’t written in a clear and concise way but it was pretty easy to set up and even months later I’ve not had to add water or redo the setup. My daughter loves having this on at night. The colors are great and the jelly fish look lifelike. It does have a noise. Kind of sounds like an aquarium would sound if you had a small one.

  222. J**o

    I just got this today, soaked the jellies for 5 1/2 hours and both are moving perfectly…shook off the bubbles and did not have to wait as long as the directions noted. All is up and running smoothly. Got this for my cats, and so far so Good! Very happy with the purchase

  223. F**i

    This is a lot cooler than I expected for the price!! Easy to put together. Takes a day or 2 for the jelly’s to loosen up but worth the wait!

  224. C**c

    This has been a great “night light” for my son. The colors are nice and the sound it makes is not loud but is good white noise. We have had it for 3 month now and we really enjoy it.

  225. E**p

    Enjoy the color and movement. Turn it on everyday. Like the 4 hour turn off.

  226. T**p

    Love this! It does not disappoint. It’s quiet, and the jellyfish are so realistic and move lifelike.I’ve only had it a few days but I am fascinated with it! very soothing to look at.

  227. E**g

    I ordered this as a Birthday gift for my husband – he loves jelly fish. The instructions were easy to follow, and the item is reasonably priced and makes a super cool gift! It takes about 2 days to let the jellies sit in the water, but after that – they really look like real jelly fish. Great product for the price! A must have for anyone who loves jelly fish! Excellent seller!

  228. J**p

    We have this to our 6 year old grandson. He loves it.

  229. M**f

    It took about 2 weeks for the little Jellies to start swimming right but once they did they gave a nice effect. Young children really like them

  230. P**w

    Bought this for my great granddaughter and the motor seemed to powerful for the fish. Gave it away.

  231. J**a

    Packaged well and arrived undamaged. Easy to set up and is working perfectly! So relaxing to watch the jellyfish swim around

  232. L**j

    They don’t look very realistic when working

  233. F**i

    I love this product it is perfect for my marble dining room table all three is the talk of the town

  234. S**a

    This was a gift for my son for his good report card. Set it up exactly as directed and aren’t having any issues. The first few days definitely need to tend to the bubbles, but it looks great! Also, is quiet and the different color lights are fun to switch up.

  235. H**r

    Product was great but one jellyfish didn’t work kept sinking to bottom and didn’t float only kept getting sucked into filter, got email to do a review, hoping I get sent new jellyfish, I can’t have pets due to a child’s allergies so these are our pets love this product!!!

  236. E**j

    Took some time to finally purge all the microbubbles from the jellyfish on setup. They’re behaving correctly now. Son loves it

  237. A**o

    Gave as birthday gift and they loved the calming effect

  238. A**m

    Pretty good, daughter 7 loves it. The plug that comes with it ( attaches to usb cord) didn’t work, but we had extras. Prefer the jelly fish with the thinner tentacles to the one with the bigger tentacles.

  239. F**s

    My 12 year old loved it! Great stocking stuffer style gift. Easy to put together.

  240. J**l

    My 6 year old loves it

  241. R**s

    Great for office

  242. N**e

    I bought this for my living room and I love it!

  243. O**h

    This was a gift for my 7 year old daughter but we are all enjoying it! It’s very therapeutic to watch the jellyfish and the lights change. It’s like having a pet fish without the responsibility. The directions were easy to assemble. I would recommend this product!

  244. C**j

    I have in my classroom. Everyone asks if they are real. Kids and adults. Love it!

  245. R**j

    Very nice! Bought for my 18 yr old and he loves it

  246. H**b

    Got for little sister as a gift.

  247. A**r

    I bought this as well as a light projector/sound machine for my son. Thankfully I purchased this as a back up because when the light and sound machine broke after one hour these little jellyfish saved the night. My son loves his jellyfish and has even named them. Great nightlight for young kids

  248. S**y

    get lots of compliments

  249. Y*l

    Easy to set up. I used distilled water on the advice of other’s reviews but I don’t know for sure that it makes a difference. Customer service is great.

  250. J**r

    Assembly was easy! Everything works great and it’s a great size. Kids love it

  251. I**a

    It was a huge hit! Fun to watch. Really cool product.

  252. G**r

    Read the instructions when setting it up, the jellyfish swim nice. Wondering if some of the reviews didn’t read the directions, the first step is to soak jellyfish in soap liquid water for 4-6 hours, and only use distilled water.

  253. V**r

    This is beautiful! Calming effect for the room

  254. I**w

    Great little gift but overpriced. One of my jelly fishes doesn’t swim anymore. How can I get a replacement?

  255. R**z

    Really cool thing to have, and also very soothing. I only wish that there was a setting to be able to have the light on but not the motor that turns on every few seconds to keep the jellyfish moving. Regardless, still a 5 star product.

  256. V**s

    Loved it!! So fun to watch. Worth the purchase.

  257. D**o

    We love this product, especially my little one. I read some reviews prior to buying and happy I did as mentioned you should follow the instructions provided by the provider in the box exactly as recommended as it works out perfectly. It does have a bit of a him to it when the pump goes on but it’s calming to us. You can stare at it for hours and it’s a perfect night light.

  258. V**i

    We love it. It is extremely relaxing. It has 5 colours
    Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and Clear.
    Do not leave it on overnight. Give it a rest so it won’t fail yo

  259. C**i

    Thank God came nicely packaged

  260. R**o

    Grandson loves it!!

  261. E**p

    Great buy! I bought it for my grown daughter whom teaches kids with special needs. During the quarantine she placed this near her so her kids could see it and would stay more focused on her and not on what was happening at their house. The jellyfish were beautiful and functional!

  262. P**d

    Works great! Bought a different one before this that was battery operated and it stopped working after like the first day. My 4 year old loves this one! The jellyfish move around alot as they should. We use it for his night light.

  263. J**p

    Beautiful and vibrant colors. Must soak squid in soapy for water for at least 24 hours for the best result. The product works as described. Love it!

  264. E**v

    I like the colors. soaked jelly fish for hour. It looks great on my glass end table

  265. A**w

    Got this for my 10 year old sons bday. It was a HUGE success!! He named them and everything. I highly recommend these little guys. Night even get one for my elderly grandma!

  266. H**m

    Good product. Looks exactly like the pictures

  267. V**r

    Very nice

  268. C**t

    Bought for my son to help him relax to go to sleep. Seemed to help

  269. E**f

    My kids love this!! This has been a great way to avoid having to her actual fish which is what my kids wanted but we didn’t think they were ready for it. The jelly fish do exactly what I thought they would and the colors are vibrant! Really love it.

  270. N**s

    We have NO complaints! It arrived intact and working. It was purchased as a gift for our animal obsessed 3yr. olds 4th bday. She and her 2 yr old brother LOVE it!! I especially like that it automatically shuts off after a bit. Gives her time to watch and go to sleep, then it’s off on it’s own

  271. U**y

    Love this lamp and it’s easy to assemble

  272. S**m

    So cool didn’t even know these existed!

  273. H**c

    I bought it because it looked really cool and like a modern day lava lamp. I’ve had it for three days now and I have to say, my wife and I are very pleased and recommend this product. It’s so very cool and awesome to have. We wish they made them bigger!!!

  274. M**o

    My son is jealous of my cool night light, and now he wants one! Very easy to assemble. The hardest part was waiting for the jellyfish to soak, because I was so anxious to see it all set up. LOL

  275. V**j

    It only work well if you actually follow the directions. It looks really cool- the whole family loves it!!

  276. C**y

    This was very easy to assemble. You have to pre-soak the jellyfish, but then you rinse them off, fill the light with water and it’s ready to go. The colors and jellyfish make for a very soothing night light. The motor is very quiet so as not to disrupt sleep.

  277. H**a

    As soon as my son runs into the house, he screams “Jellyfish!!” And can watch this for HOURS. It lights up the whole room! Make sure to follow the directions so that way the bubbles go away like they’re supposed to.

  278. F**w

    my grandson thoroughly enjoys watching the lifelike actions of the jellyfish.

  279. W**a

    Instructions were easy to follow and the one question I had was answered within the hour by customer service. Excellent company to do business with and I love my jellyfish tank. With COVID-19 and the stress of life, we all need simple enjoyment.

  280. Y**j

    Very pretty. My daughter wishes their movement was a little more flowy than jerky. But she still loves it. It is relaxing to watch.

  281. B**y

    Easy to assemble. Nice and soothing to watch. I’m really enjoying it

  282. Y**a

    The first I received did not work. It was replaced right away. I absolutely love this. It’s a gift for my grandchildren, I am sure they will love it.

  283. P**e

    I received a lamp that had a defective USB so contacted the manufacturer through their warranty information. They sent me a new one immediately and my boys are in love with their jellyfish lamp. Definitely worth the money.

  284. K**l

    This lamp is amazing!!!!! Our kids just love watching the jelly fish go up and down. Very very happy with this purchase. It is quiet and bright enough to be a cool night light lamp

  285. N**n

    Love my little jellyfish!

  286. I**e

    My son loves this lamp! It’s a much better version of other lamps we have seen and owned- the water flowing is a big factor in its’ realism. Cool colors too!

  287. C**l

    Purchased this product for my son. He loves watching the jellyfish swim. So many colors

  288. T**h

    What else can I say, other than……Great little toy !!!!!

  289. J**c

    Great for a bedside nightlight! Pleasing to watch and turns off on it’s own.

  290. A**s

    I like it . Good!!

  291. G**e

    i didn’t expect to have to set it up myself, but it was easy. and it’s cute

  292. J**q

    Love this! My cats watch the jellyfish for hours. Its bright and fun

  293. E**w

    I like watching this light. It helps lure me to sleep when I have insomnia.

  294. D**j

    These are really cool and my kids love them.

  295. L**y

    Amazing gift for someone into room decorating, black lights, lava lamps, etc
    Took a little while for jellyfish to move but once they did it was soo cool.
    Makes a slight sound when on but other then that amazing quality, very cool gift.

  296. D**e

    Love it.

  297. D**g

    Not realistic

  298. H**p

    My son loves it!

  299. Y**w

    I bought this because I wanted something to brighten my otherwise bland office space. I could not believe how splendid this was! Co-workers stop in and visit just to see my jellyfish..Named George and Gracie. I know this was meant for a child’s night light but…oh, well! I’m 73 and I. LOVE. IT. Get one and lift yourself up a little!

  300. H**a

    Movement is a little faster than I thought it would be. I have it on a tv stand in my man cave

  301. U**s

    My daughter enjoys her jelly fish lamp. The only issue is that the jelly fish don’t move as much as we expected

  302. A**f

    I bought this light for my therapy room, and it has not disappointed me. The kids love it! They instantly calm down to watch the jellyfish swim and the light change colors

  303. G**l

    I absolutely love these jellies! They are comforting to watch like a fish tank but doesn’t take up much space at all! The lights and everything work great and I would definitely recommend this product!

  304. J**a

    The assembly was easy to follow and when finished the “jellyfish” move as if they are real. One of my “jellyfish” was not moving as quickly and would get stuck in the corner. I got in touch with the seller who immediately got back to me and reshipped me another order. Both my units are now working perfectly. I would recommend this product for everyone.

  305. G**o


  306. C**v

    This is an awesome product! I bought it as a gift for my 8 year old granddaughter and ended up keeping it for myself!!! Shame on me🤣 I plan on buying more and give them as gifts

  307. O**a

    Very cute, great for a gift idea also

  308. D**e

    This is super cute- set up took a few minutes, but it’s a great addition to our daughters room. Little sisters love watching the jellyfish

  309. M**h

    Fun to watch, colorful, & realistic

  310. V**e

    We just moved into our new home and my son bedroom is a little dark so this gives him the security he needs to brighten his room and
    make him more comfortable My little boy loves it!

  311. H**p

    Definitely buy this!!! I bought it for my nephews 4th birthday about 6 months ago as a nightlight for his bedroom. It was easy to put together, just soak the jellyfish in fish soap for a few hours and there good to go. I didn’t have any issues with it at all and my nephew loved it. It looks so realistic that he kept asking if the jellyfish were real haha. Still works great to this day!

  312. H**j

    We really enjoy watching this.

  313. N**d

    Easy to assemble but didn’t get any directions with it looked everything up online soaked the jellyfish in 2 drops of dawn dish soap and water over night 24 hrs worked great love it well worth the money

  314. R**u

    My daughter and grandson put it together and works perfectly. It’s still new to some people and they ask if they are real

  315. K**y

    Super relaxing and works as intended.

  316. G**k

    Ordered for my 3 yr old daughter for a cool nightlight, didn’t work upon arrival but the seller was super quick to replace item! We had it within days and our daughter was over the moon for it!!! She really thinks she has her very own live jellyfish 🙂

  317. T**a

    This really is cool. It says to soak the jellyfish in a detergent-like substance before adding to tank, I did NOT do this and it worked just fine. You have to use bottled water to fill the tank. Super cool in the darkroom at night.

  318. A**i

    Good value purchase In my opinion. Everything worked fine after receiving the product and following the instructions. Only negative thing I would say is having to wait the 2-3 days to actually get to turn it on and witness it in action. I would definitely purchase this again as a gift for someone

  319. E**c

    Love this! My son doesn’t like the dark and we wanted a night light which also distracted him as he falls asleep. He loves it! We bought an extra jellyfish, the original pack comes with two (which means they have more space to swim actually)

  320. G**v

    My grandsons age 13 and 18 were delighted with the Jellyfish Lamps… they thought the color changing lights were amazing, as well as the floating jellyfish. I may have to order one for myself!

  321. S**y

    Too long to set up

  322. F**d

    I love just about everything. It’s just a bit loud and I wish that there was a way to adjust that.

  323. E**u

    This is an awesome product! It takes a couple of days to get all the air bubbles out of the jelly fish, but once you do, they move and swim around non stop. The whole family is enjoying it!

  324. N**s

    Better in person and it takes a few days for it to move smoothly but once it gets acclimated it does pretty good. The motor going on and off is a bit noisy but you get used to that too.

  325. V**t

    Was what we thought, jellyfish move up and down and kids love it

  326. O**v

    Works was a pain

  327. A**j

    Neat light for 11 year old’s room

  328. I**m

    Great gift idea and if you have any issues these folks make it right!

  329. E**s

    I’m a special ed teacher and I get asked constantly if these jellyfish are real. Before buying this I had a bigger one that I rubbed with the Pham went out and I was really upset because they wouldn’t get me a new one. It was a different brand and everything like that so I thought I’d buy this one because it was affordable. When I took it out of the box is way smaller than I expected but that maybe because I am really close enough. It was really dirty on the inside but I kind of understand my shipment and everything but it was kind of annoying because I didn’t think I would have to clean it first. However I think it’ll be a great asset to my classroom. Definitely worth the money

  330. H**p

    It works great. My son enjoy a lot. I use filtrated water and avoid direct sunlight

  331. R**t

    So cool! My nephew loved it!!

  332. E**i

    Could of been cheaper for the quality

  333. V**p

    Its super cool. Like it a lot

  334. W**l

    Good product for the price paid

  335. D**j

    This is such a fun light…it will keep you entertained for hours…Everyone that comes to visit thinks they are real…
    .I didn’t like clear tank…so I measured the jellyfish container and cut out the front of the box that had 2 jellyfish on it and made a background…now it looks like there’s 4 jellyfish in there…I followed the directions to the letter and didn’t have any issues…it’s a little noisy when the fish are moving so don’t be alarmed…After awhile you don’t even notice it…We love it…

  336. Z**p

    Love these jellyfish! Super cool! Easy to assemble. My kiddos like them but I liked them so much I decided I wanted them in my office so Im going to have to buy another for their room!!

  337. O**t

    Our daughter said that the fish tank arrived safely and is working satisfactoraly. If she has a problem, we will
    let you know. Thank you

  338. P**s

    super cute! my son loves it

  339. L**d

    Looks great and works awesome. My wife and kids really love it

  340. G**s

    Fun item we saw at the dr’s and ordered for ourselves. Easy assembly and fun to watch. Great value for the price!

    The customer service when dealing with the company was exceptional and I will look to buy other products from them

  341. R**j

    Easy to set up – there were no directions in the box, so I looked it up online, but it was simple enough. Love the colors and it is relaxing to watch

  342. H**r

    I have 2 special need grandchildren this was purchased for them so calming.

  343. B**l

    I went to a friend’s house and saw this, then had to have it. I love it. Everyone who visits loves it and I have sent it as a gift. Good for all ages!

  344. V**s

    I love my jellyfish. You can stare at this for awhile and not get bored.

  345. D**y

    This was a stress reliever purchase and I love it. It’s very calming to watch and pretty easy to set up. My only complaint is that the motor turning off and on is distracting especially at night. The actual motor sound is pretty quiet, but slightly noticeable (again mostly at night)

  346. G**y

    Buying one for every room in my house!! Gorgeous.

  347. F**a

    I got it as a gift for my dad and thought maybe these plastic jelly fish are too cheesy for an adult. But once it’s all set up- it’s cool and now my son wants one too.

  348. H**a

    Bought it for my son and it works perfect and love the way they move with colorful lights. Perfect for a night light

  349. C**L

    My 4 year old is obsessed with the ocean. He LOVES this. He named the jellyfish and acts like they are pets! They look realistic as the float in the water. I’m impressed!

  350. I**c

    My fiancé loves it!

  351. H**L

    This is great. My kid loves looking at it, it’s relaxing. I gave it 4 stars because I wish the top stayed on a little better so I could keep kids from trying to play in it/ touch the jellyfish and not worry that if my cat knocked it over water would spill everywhere. Otherwise a very nice concept

  352. L**a

    My jellyfish jus hangout at the top

  353. H**a

    My girlfriend loved it

  354. S**l

    Excellent Price Product and Service

  355. V**o

    Can watch it for hours, it’s fascinating, the way they move about they actually look alive.

    I can’t understand how it is made
    The parts are all colored and just great looking, the small trailers, the detail

  356. Z**a

    It’s much bigger than the one I had before and it works much better, too. It’s perfect at alleviating stress, especially while I’m studying. I love this product and I know you will, too!

  357. D**f

    Bought two of these lamps for my children for their birthdays. They are so cool! They go to sleep with them every night. Had a very minor issue. Reached out to the vendor who responded quickly and professionally. Don’t hesitate on these- they are great!

  358. M**a

    Very relaxing and looks like real Jellyfish

  359. H**z

    Jellyfish are a little smaller than I thought, can I purchase a couple more for the tank?

  360. O**s

    Works great

  361. C**p

    Love it, easy to put together totally worth the money.
    Highly recommended

  362. Y**a

    I am more than pleased with the product and the service by the company. We had a slight problem with an adapter and they made it right and were very nice during the process

  363. W**n

    My 9 year old loves his. Looks very realistic.

  364. A**y

    The product is simple and wonderful. Its great as a white noise source for falling asleep or colorful background entertainment.

  365. E**u

    We saw similar lamp in some hotel lobby – and like it ( espessially our granddaughter).
    So we search eaboutyou and bought this lamp as birthday present.
    It works fine and everybody likes it.
    Base on my experience couple advises to new customers:
    – do not fill lamp to the top, leave some air (in other case jellyfish would not swim well)
    – at the beginning some pieces of jellyfish were stick together and movements were not good => so I use fingers to separate them – and jellyfish start swimming like alive 🙂
    Communication with support team was quick and efficient

  366. C**a

    Fun product. Customer service was great

  367. J**h

    My children love this

  368. L**p

    amazing product

  369. O**a

    This was a gift for my granddaughter. I like everything about it except I think the water jet is a little bit to powerful. It makes the jellyfish move at a faster pace than I would like. A slower movement is more peaceful looking. My granddaughter seems to like it a lot and THAT is who it was meant to please so it is all good

  370. E**z

    They swim great if u follow provided directions.
    But makes louder noise than i think its supposed to.
    Only started that vibration sound after 2 days…

  371. K**o

    I really like it very well they are really neat.

  372. I**w

    I would have gave 5 stars but it doesnt even come with instructions. I would have been pissed if I didnt come here and see people talking about soaking them in dish soap. I would have no clue to do that

  373. U**v

    I love the colors. I bought This as a gift for my 10 year old grandson. He loves it

  374. L**r

    My grandson will love this!

  375. G**a

    Excellent. As described. Fascinating to watch! You won’t regret this purchase

  376. J**p

    We are obsessed with this fish tank. We let the jellies soak for two extra days and used distilled water and have been so happy with it. It has a timer that automatically shuts it off after 4 hours. All the lights work beautifully. We love this product!

  377. A**r

    I bought one for my office and liked it so much that I bought 2 more for my grandchildren. They love them, great to help soothe them to sleep. Everyone that sees it in my office is fascinated, so much so that a coworker got one as well.

  378. O**f

    It’s so awesome looking I’m buying more!

  379. R**e

    Love it…it’s a beautiful addition to any room.

  380. A**o

    This jellyfish lamp/aquarium is a great addition to my son’s room. The colors are bright and the jellyfish move around gracefully. As noted in the instructions, it was a day or two before the jellyfish really opened up and started to move vividly around the tank. I’m very happy with this purchase

  381. J**n

    My granddaughter loved it

  382. R**s

    Very nice. Better than i expected. Very realistic looking. Fun to watch.

  383. J**w

    This is great it almost looks real very soothing to look at

  384. H**z

    This product is wonderful however you need to wait 48 hours before deciding if you are going to return. In the beginning it doest look like all that because there is bubles everywhere and the jellyfish aren’t moving that much but after 48 hours its beautiful they move all over the place

  385. Y**d

    He loved it so much.. everytime I see him now, it’s our conversation starter. He even named the jellyfish.. although I don’t have it, he talks about it like he was never given anything better. We’re much closer now frfr.

  386. W**J

    A little cheesy, but still so cool and fun to watch! My child loves to and so do I.

  387. G**s

    My son loves it as his night light

  388. Z**j

    This was absolutely beautiful! It was exactly what we were wanting and exactly as described! I highly recommend!

  389. E**w

    It’s awesome!

  390. V**y

    So easy to set up and once the jellyfish soften they look so real! The kids love it, especially those with sensory issues – very calming for them.

  391. J**h

    Doesn’t move as much as I thought it would

  392. Y**v

    so cute and awesome and soothing…..make sure u soak the jelly fish for 24 hours in dish soap…I guess it makes them more pliable in the water….looks awesome I love it

  393. F**f

    Coolest thing I’ve bought in a long long time. Soak it in soap water first. So awesome and simply beautiful!

  394. N**c

    Product came with no damage. Gift for grandsons. They love it. 4 yr old thinks they are his pet! Very real looking. Mesmerizing!

  395. K**l

    I like the colors, clarity, and movement. It is a nightlight in my grandson’s bedroom.

  396. G**j

    Very happy. First one came in not working and had it replaced immediately! My girls love this!!

  397. J**z

    Easy setup and it is fun to watch.

  398. F**p

    Bought as a gift for my wife. She likes it a lot. In a dark room it actually looks pretty good. Just about as good as I had hoped for, I guess. No problems.

  399. H**o

    We purchased this lamp for our 8 year old daughter. She loves it! Watching the movement and soothing lights has a calming effect, which is great before bed. Excellent customer service too

  400. S**l

    I love this light! I use it in my bedroom every night and I am an adult. The jellyfish look very realistic. This is a terrific gift, very mesmerizing.

  401. G**k

    Seriously, I’m so amazed at this product! It’s so much better than I expected it to be. Stylish, slick, realistic and fun!

  402. O**b

    No problems with shipping or assembly. Would have been a bit nicer with 3 jellyfish but space inside is limited so they would probably tangle. Love the colors!

  403. E**j

    So cool if yo follow the directions

  404. E**h

    Great decoration

  405. I**d

    Easy to assemble and my daughter loves it!

  406. P**a

    My son got this for his birthday and it’s just what he wanted! It’s beautiful and bright. The only down side is the motor is a bit loud.

  407. L**g

    I love the ambient light and color changing feature and it’s just a fantastic addition to my living space. Affordable, very easy to set up, works like a charm.

  408. M**s

    The smaller ones are now not floating around . think its too heavy of a piece inside because its the same piece on the bigger one and its just fine

  409. J**l

    I highly recommend this mesmerizing lamp. Would definitely purchase another!

  410. N**t

    So relaxing to watch!

  411. S**h

    Very pretty, only complaint it took awhile for the jellyfish to soak (about 6 hours)

  412. C**o

    Very cute, nice to watch!

  413. T**p

    Arrived safely and quickly. Easy set up and cool little gift.

  414. M**o

    Hey Thanks!!! All is working Great . Love it!!!

  415. F***c

    Great product, instructions are clear and concise. Soak the jelly fish for the recommended time, wash before adding to the tank – I definitely recommend distilled water over bottle water

  416. D**f

    I love it so much I even bought my mother one. Hers shall be here soon, she is so excited! Definitely recommend, it’s so relaxing to just sit and watch it.

  417. R**s

    I got three, son, daughter and myself; we all did well putting together and got them moving. It is relaxing and fun to watch.

  418. I**r

    I can’t believe someone invented this

  419. D**n

    Very fun to watch

  420. P***r

    While this is certainly not something you need, it is something you’ll want!

    I purchased this as a nightlight for my daughter (mind you, it does turn off after 4 hours of continuous use) but once we set it up and turned it on, the adults were in love with it!

    The rubber jellyfish don’t look like much when you take them out of the box but when you add them to the tank and turn it on…wow, are those things pretty in the led lights and soooo relaxing to watch!

    Every so often to come across something that’s just plain nice…this is one of those things.

  421. V**a

    I love it very much, but one of the jellyfish stays on top.

  422. V**o

    It is very relaxing. My son with special needs really enjoys looking at it for long periods of time

  423. I**t

    My family loves this lamp! I bought this as a gift to my sons because we are unable to have a fish tank. Very pretty and very calming. The directions are accurate. It does take about 72 hrs for jellyfish to completely swim on their own. We soaked them for 5 hrs. I suggest soaking them for the full 8 hrs before use. I will definitely be purchasing this product again!

  424. C**p

    Our son was in heaven when this replaced his lava lamp that broke. Easy to set up and works like a charm.

  425. M**p

    Awesome lamp! My kiddo LOVES it. Just follow the directions exactly, and you shouldn’t have any issues. I soaked the jellyfish for 4 hours exactly.

  426. R**t

    My brother is very happy with his gift

  427. A**e

    So cool, but took a day or 2 to get all the air bubbles out for them to swim properly.

  428. F**c

    I feel so relaxed watching this lamp. I’m going to order some for friends!

  429. E**g

    I like everything about this Jellyfish lamp, but the motor is too loud and its hard to focus when its loud. The first 2-3 days it was silent and now it is very loud sadly. Otherwise, I love the lamp

  430. H**h

    it’s a lot of fun to watch. Everyone asks me if there real! it looks that good!

  431. R**P

    If you follow the instructions, all will be well. It’s very pretty.

  432. G**t

    My son loves his new gift. He loves to stare at it. It seems cheaper than what I paid for it but my son is happy.

  433. B**l

    We really enjoyed the easy set up. The product is not very big, so it does not take up much room. The kiddos sure enjoy the lamp, and we can adjust the color to say on one color, or have it rotate through the colors.

  434. H**t

    i like the realistic of the item, friends look real close to see it is real,plus the variety of the change colors to choose

  435. R**i

    Brightened his day without family

  436. Y**c

    This was a gift for my 15 year old granddaughter, she loves it!!

  437. S**d

    I love this! It looks so realistic and is so colorful. There is absolutely nothing I don’t like about it

  438. H**c

    Love the movements of jellyfish , truly mesmerizing , calmning , playful , you forget they’re not real ! The colors changing tops it off !

  439. O**d

    My son loves these little jellyfish for his room. Very entertaining for his busy mind.

  440. J**w

    It’s a really cool & fun addition to our son’s room!

  441. V**p

    We love the lamp.

  442. T**f

    A tad overpriced

  443. S**c

    My daughters and they’re family love them thought it was life like.

  444. G**j

    Works great, in amazing condition.

  445. H**c

    Neat gift, but over priced

  446. M**h

    So awesome. If you follow the instructions it works great!

  447. W**o

    Na 10.0 !

  448. V**t

    This was the perfect gift for my 10 year old!
    Good quality! I highly recommend this!

  449. R**r

    These are so fun, nothing not to like.
    Great fish with super colors.

  450. A**l

    This is an awesome product and would recommend, makes a great gift!

  451. A**i

    I bought this as a cute nightlight for my friend’s daughter, but I loved it so much I kept it for myself and then bought two more!

    Just be sure to gently untangle the tentacles of the jellyfish while it’s submerged in water.
    If the tentacles are tangled the jellyfish won’t move around in the water very well.

  452. S**l

    Absolutely Love it ..Perfect

  453. Z**m

    My.grandson loves it

  454. j**o

    Great colors and so relaxing!

  455. R**s

    This is a pretty neat product.
    Follow the instructions and it works great, very life like

  456. I**y

    Bought it for a nursery gift!

  457. G**o

    Wonderful product! Only thing is I wish there was a stay on button so it didn’t time out in 4 hours, other than that it’s kovely!

  458. R**p

    Bought as a gift Quality materials and works great

  459. C**w

    This is a great fun item. It has been a joy to watch and I love how relaxing it can be.

  460. Y**l

    My four-year-old son is obsessed with Jelly Fish. This was the perfect gift for this birthday!
    Easy set up if you follow the directions, works great!

  461. E**g

    I really like this water lamp. Easy to use, relaxing to watch

  462. F**p

    Bought this for my little brother and he loves it!

  463. I**a

    Live this

  464. E**i

    Really cute and fun. We got it for our preschool and the kids just love it

  465. M**r

    Looks and works awesome love it

  466. C**d

    Totally worth the money. Fun for both kids and adults. Perfect for a night light or just awesome decoration. Kids love it.

  467. T**h

    This thing is cool. A little small, but whatever. Setup was simple and it looks really really cool.

  468. W**b

    This lamp is super fun for my 5 year old! It’s a great night light that puts off just the right amount of light without keeping him awake.

  469. J**a

    Great gift – liked it so much I am buying one for myself

  470. A**o

    Love it. Its relaxing and beautiful to look at. Easy to assemble.

  471. W**c

    Bought this for my husbands science classroom. The kids love it

  472. R**z

    Will buy another one

  473. Z**j

    I love it. Its beautiful and had no problem setting it up.

  474. W**b

    Easy to put together, looks nice

  475. D**c

    Awesome Great Product!

  476. A**y

    Looks so cool

  477. R**l

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my nephew and he loved it. Be aware that it does require about 72 hours to be fully functional (read the instructions included). It’s pretty cool and works as described

  478. A**l

    I what I expected

  479. V**b

    Really good on initial, want to give some time

  480. F**i

    Everyone thinks they are real jelly fish

  481. C**a

    Love it ❤️

  482. P**i

    I love it. I get migraines and it really helps .very calming and relaxing.

  483. H**o


  484. G**c

    Great product, kids love it

  485. H**a

    I got two of these for my 6-year-old twins. They love it! Jellyfish seem so real! Love color changing!

  486. S**l

    I bought this for my 15-year-old son for birthday because he loves aquatic creatures. We were surprised at how realistic the jellyfish are and how fun they are to watch. I soaked them in dish detergent and water overnight, as suggested. Worked perfectly! I would suggest this as a gift for an older child, teen, or adult to place on their desk. It seems pretty safe to keep on for hours at a time

  487. P**j

    Read the entire set of instructions before doing anything. It won’t work without water, and it takes a few days to soak the jellyfish. I thought mine was broken because nothing happened when i plugged it in…but it wasn’t.
    Emailed customer service and they were really great to work with

  488. D**a

    The instructions are very clear and they work! I have my unit sitting in a very well-lit office, but it doesn’t prevent the LED from reflecting all the colors
    The motor lets out a gentle hum, one that’s only discernable in a quiet home setting. At work, I can’t hear it even if I wanted to.
    The movement is smooth and unpredictable, as long as you’ve made sure to clear the bubbles from underneath the top part. I only had to do this once, despite having to transport the filled unit by car to my office.
    Very sturdy, all and all. It has yet to disappoint me.

  489. Z**h

    I love it! I don’t wanna put it in my son’s bedroom anymore. I wanna just have it in our family room for guests to see. Please please soak the plastic jellies first with dishwashing soap at least 3 hrs. Read manual. It definitely helped with the float.

  490. C**p

    I saw a friend’s jellyfish lamp at work and wanted one for myself. I wanted one that wouldn’t be too big, and just a fun addition to my cubicle decor.

    It was so easy to set up and being honest? I didn’t follow all the directions. I did soak the jellyfish in Dawn, but only for about 4 hours. I used filtered tap water to fill the lamp. I didn’t experience any bubbling up or anything like that – from the moment I turned it on it’s just been beautiful. The jellyfish float gracefully, the colors change nicely – it’s exactly what I wanted and I don’t know that I could be happier

  491. A**j

    This little jellyfish light is a good lamp for my roommate’s 10 y/o grandson. Setup was simple, I just followed the included directions. I only removed one star because I think it could use a couple of features it doesn’t have. 1) It would be nice if there was an option to keep it on so it could be used as a nightlight. 2) I wish it would remember the light color setting so when you turn it back on (every 2 hrs) you wouldn’t have to also cycle through the color options to the one you want (he likes the blue).

  492. T**E

    We love this item, I think something was lost in translation and I assumed we were getting the one with the ocean sounds. But there is no sound, and with following the directions very closely, including first soaking the jellyfish in liquid dish soap, the set up has been a success! I used dawn dish soap and soaked the jellyfish for the full 8 hours, and then I used the distilled water. Had no problems and almost immediately they worked as they were supposed to, and look so real! Thank you!

  493. C**g

    I Love this! I had gotten one for a friend as well. I saw it listed in a Facebook post on “whatbdo you do to ease your anxiety?” And the commenter included a link. I immediately bought 2 of them. The jelly fish soften up after a few days to make a nice slow fluid motion and they are so relaxing and graceful to look at. I’m so pleased! I’m thinking of getting one for my desk at work too. The one I bought for a gift is for someone who’s father just died. I thought it would be calming and soothing for him. The product looks spectacular at night, and I like the fact that you can stop it at any color. So glad I made this purchase. It’s mesmerizing!

  494. J**i

    I purchased this for my Autistic son. It is very high quality and we all love it. I have had many friends ask” are they real”. It is great that it turns itself off after 4 hours. My son doesn’t have to remember to do so. I would highly recommend this.

  495. C**u

    I work on a movie set and this was a prop that was used. I immediately went online to Eaboutyou and ordered one! SO happy. They are mesmerizing and I love them so much. My only dislike (hence the 4 starts) is that the motor does make a bit of noise. I put it in my bedroom so I could look at it in bed but was not able to fall asleep with it on 🙁 Other than that it is super cool!

  496. t**o


  497. F**l

    Nice product.beautiful colors.

  498. M**s

    I love my lil aquarium. It is relaxing to watch. I did have issues with the jellyfish at first but I added a touch of Dawn to them and now they swim/ float!

  499. J**c

    First of all, this is an awesome lamp/pet and totally worth the money. It’s brought me a lot of joy. One of the two jellyfish I received had a defect so it did not work 100% out of the box, but the seller is resolving this and sending me another one. I recommend this for anyone !

  500. B**n

    Great lamp. Good to watch for relieving stress. Love the different color schemes.

  501. E**s

    gifts for kids but wanted to keep one for me! so cute, so fun, hope it lasts…follow instructions to prep it and it works like a charm!!

  502. J**l

    It’s wonderful! I bought as a gift (Friend in nursing home) and I’ll definitely be buying more. I plugged it in to test it out and make sure it all worked well, I couldn’t stop watching it. The jellyfish are so lifelike. I had company in and out that day and several people asked if it was rea

  503. G**l

    Love, Love, Love it!

  504. A**g

    The first lamp we ordered was defective, so I emailed the business. Not only did they respond right away, but they sent a brand new one that arrived a day and half later! The lamp is really cool. The jellyfish look real, and the different color light feature is really neat. My 9 year old daughter will turn it on in her bedroom and watch the jellyfish for a long time. She loves the dark blue light…makes them glow! This is a great gift for that in between age…when they stop playing with toys, but too young for all of the crazy technology

  505. E**v

    Product was better than I expected. Fun light!

  506. N**j

    Just love it. So peaceful and tranquil!

  507. A**j

    Very neat item!

  508. A**o

    Oldest loves it!

  509. F**l

    It’s great works as it should

  510. Z**o

    Got this for my 9 year old son who has autism he loves it

  511. H**L

    My twin boys love it!!!! They use it as a night light and the auto off is great too!!

  512. S**o

    It’s better than a fish tank no clean up

  513. N**a

    It’s beautiful… does exactly what it’s supposed to do

  514. E**c

    Looked life like

  515. V**l

    Very nice but a little noisy when tv is not on

  516. I**c

    Easy to set up and just as pictured. Beautiful lamp

  517. Z**a

    My son is very pleased!

  518. H**j

    I really don’t think it was going to be cool. I was wrong.

  519. D**a

    My twins absolutely love their new addition to their room. Makes it easier for them to fall asleep

  520. D**j

    On time, son loved it

  521. E**s

    It did exactly what it said it will do

  522. F**a

    Love the jellyfish. But one of them just lays on the bottom. How can I get another one?

  523. V**b

    Great so far, my 5 year old is in love with it.

  524. M**J

    Love this. So peaceful and pretty.

  525. O**l

    It was exactly as described. Very happy with this purchase.

  526. X**j

    My Granddaughter loved it!

  527. G**c

    Fun to watch and the colors are nice

  528. G**s

    My mom she loves it

  529. V**a

    Sooo cool and awesome to look at.

  530. E**g

    Very good

  531. U**c

    Our daughter loves watching it every night

  532. A**j

    I bought this to use in my classroom and right away my students loved it! They thought the jellyfish looked real and are excited to name our class “pets”.

  533. P**z

    Different color setting is great. Don’t care for the noise it makes

  534. N**j

    It is beautiful and works very well as shown.

  535. O**l

    It’s really cool. It looks real and very memorizing! I turn it on whenever I’m doing work at my table and overall just really nice to look at.

  536. F**v

    Cool lamp!

  537. O**v

    I love the ambiance this lamp creates. Its color schemes and the way the jellyfish dance is very mesmerizing!
    Aside from the occasional jellyfish tentacle getting hung up on the pump at the bottom, I absolutely love it!

  538. S**c

    Great product. My daughter loved it

  539. M**a

    Great and easy .

  540. A**y

    Birthday gift

  541. D**l

    Would love to have more jelly fish

  542. Ł**a

    We love how unique and cool looking this is!!

  543. T**i

    The lamp worked perfectly just make sure to follow all the directions that are included.

  544. H**w

    I got it for entertainment for my kitten, but I do child care and the kids are mesmerized by it

  545. A**c

    Pretty cool for young kids

  546. R**z

    I love the colors; however, I’m a little disappointed that there’s only one fan built into the lamp. One jellyfish seems to swim all over the place, but the other one stays stable in the upper corner

  547. A**j

    Very relaxing to watch

  548. W**a

    This lamp was a good gift

  549. R**r

    The only thing I didn’t care for was how long it took the jellyfish to swim. 1 swimming after 72 hours (big pink 1) and small yellow 1 swimmed after day 4 after me pushing it down in the water a few times. Now jellyfishes are good. 1 love it!

  550. K**a

    My Son and his family are moving on Friday so its not set up and probably won’t be set up until they get settled

  551. I**p

    Loved this jellyfish lamp Tank. I got it for my boyfriend for Fathers day! He loves it. Read directions carefully.

  552. J**n

    My kids really liked the different color lights. It’s super easy to assemble and once the jellyfish were floating around they were amazed by them

  553. O**t

    It is AWSOME! You need to follow the directions on water and soaking the jellyfish in detergent.

  554. J**t

    This is the most beautiful design and product, everyone is totally fascinated with it and it changes colors. People ask me if the jellyfish are real! I had to contact the business and they are terrific to work with, they give excellent service. (Don’t lose your instruction guide.) I I would recommend this to anyone for the perfect gift to give–and 5 stars & above to the company!

  555. U**j

    we soaked the jellyfish for about 3 hours in dishwashing liquid soapy water (recommended is 4-8 hours). We put distilled water in the tank as recommended and everything works great! My daughter loves it!

  556. O**a

    Use distilled water. Add a teaspoon of dish soap. Enjoy. It’s that simple. Very soothing. Was a hit for my 8 year old son and 4 generations of family over the holidays until it went into his bedroom.

  557. P**j

    Works perfectly, the grand daughter really loves it… great night light… realistic looking too.

  558. W**g

    Daughter loved it I want one for myself

  559. I**r

    Purchased for grandkids, liked it so much bought one for myself. Great for everyone of all ages

  560. a**l

    What I wanted

  561. Y**a

    Like real

  562. C**i

    Love the concept and idea. In the last month that we’ve had it, I’ve had to change the water 4 times due to it getting cloudy. I’ve used distilled water. I’ve boiled water and let it cool. Can’t figure it out. We use natural dish soap, so maybe that’s it. When the water is clear, it looks great!

  563. G**j

    Mine arrived without instructions. So I filled the lamp, placed the fish in and nothing happened when I turned it on. Went on the net and found instructions. Filled a small container with distilled water and added a little dish washing soap. Completely submerged the fish and let sit several hours. Next day removed the fish, shook them off and placed them in. To my delight they started moving particularly cool with the blue light. Have had bubble lamps, use only distilled water or it will get slimy after a bit. Lots of fun.

  564. Ł**i

    This was a present for my eight year-old grandson, and he absolutely loves it! It is not your usual lava lamp. Instead, it is a novel one that changes colors and has jellyfish propelled up and down for mesmerizing amusement. The safety feature of shutting off after two hours had extra appeal for the adults in the house

  565. L**l

    This item was received as a gift.
    They loved it!!

  566. R**k

    This was a gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it.

  567. Z**o

    Great price, great gift

  568. E**a

    The product was packaged beautifully. The function is as described. not sure if I was supposed to get three jellyfish but only got two. Neat little gadget, looks great, but not as realistic as I would have hoped. All in all not bad for the money.

  569. C**w

    Takes a long time for the jelly fish to get ready to swim!
    Otherwise fine!

  570. F**y

    This lamp is awesome!! Buying more

  571. I**a

    they loved it too. Fun, calming.

  572. T**c

    The plug on the back doesn’t stay in well. This is a birthday gift for my granddaughter. She’s 5. I can’t just take it out of her room to send back. When it’s working she loves it.

  573. V**n

    I bought this for my great grandson who is high functioning autistic. He lives to watch it, and was jumping up and down when he saw it.

  574. E**c

    Looks great on my counter where I can see it…. exactly as described with full instructions, perfect and fun!

  575. P**m

    Very beautiful, colorful and relaxing. my husband loves it

  576. U**a

    1 jellyfish works other one does not. tried everything to get it to float. thank goodness it was a gift.

  577. T**a

    Great product for the money.

  578. S**a

    This is beautiful gift for my friend, love it

  579. D**b

    I bought this for my son for Christmas. He loves it and it works well.

  580. A**m

    As long as you get all the bubbles out of the water and from under the jellyfish head, they swim perfectly. It does take a bit of time to get them to move, but once they do, they are awesome

  581. J**n

    Got this for a nightlight in my kids room. We were all impressed! Very coo

  582. C**j

    Easy Setup, any very relaxing as well as a night light. Well worth the value.

  583. T**w

    Fun lamp. Even the cat is entertained!

  584. V**m

    Looks awesome

  585. Y**c

    Cute little lamp. No
    Problem setting it up at all..

  586. C**j

    My daughter wanted this so bad for her ocean themed bedroom. I was skeptical at first but I LOVE it. It looks great with LED lights. It is a little bit loud that’s my only reason for giving 4 stars.

  587. R**n

    Bought this for my nephew who is 1 yr old and has vision problems, he absolutely loves the bright colors and watching the jellyfish! Great purchase!!

  588. I**w

    Beautiful @very good condition

  589. N**v

    Bought as a gift for someone, who said it’s working. Looks really pretty in the pictures!

  590. L**c

    Such a wonderful desk lamp. Sometimes I feel stressed at work, and this is excellent for bringing serenity to my day-beautiful to look at. When I received this, I soaked the jellyfish in dish soap for 8 hours, filled the tank with distilled water and dropped them in. Works perfectly. I love this.

  591. S**g

    My mom loved this gift. You do have to follow the instructions perfectly if you want it to work right. One fo the jellyfish worked right away. One took a day till it started swimming. Nice lamp.

  592. V**m

    Great tank.

  593. A**g

    Got this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it !! So pretty

  594. Z**m

    very entertaining and love the changing colors. could be more amusing with three jellyfish. easy to set up and is working great. I recommend this product. mike brown.

  595. J**c

    Very nice…Some people thought it was real!

  596. I**h

    I bought so I could put it together with my grandson. It wasn’t difficult to set up at all.(we chose to soak the jellyfish as suggested). In 4 hrs we were up and running!!!

  597. L**j

    Love this. The fish move so realistically it’s like they’re playing. Beautiful colors.

    Just follow the well written instructions and don’t make these mistakes:

    Use distilled water – tap water has impurities , minerals and chlorine. If you must use tap water let it sit out until the chlorine dissipates. Maybe filter it. Clorine seems to bleach the fish so they’re not as vibrant.

    Don’t add coloring – I put in a bit of Mrs Stewart’s bluing, it does make the water pretty but dulls the colors.

    If you clean the tank be sure to note the small plastic strip over the water outlet at the bottom. Make sure this is in place , it diffuses the stream so the fish keep moving

  598. J**c

    Wow! This was super simple to put together, it only took about a minute! My 3 year old and 6 year old are thrilled with it!

  599. H**c

    We love having Oli & Trace in our home! We saw a cheaper version in a store and thought it was a cool idea. We did research and found all the others ran only for a certain amount of time before cutting off. Also the other jellyfish did not look quite as real. We chose Oli & Trace since it was able to run continuous & displayed a water effect on ceiling when the lid is removed. Also, The actual jellyfish look amazing! We couldn’t be anymore happy with this. Very cool and very low maintenance. We put a gallon of distilled water in to keep bubbles to a minimum and have a gallon on standby to change when needed. That’s it…very cool product. Also very quiet and having the ability to stop on our desired color is a major plus. We love the Blue/green color.

  600. U**n

    This product is awesome! We use it in mh toddlers room as a night light so it stays on for 12+ hours at night and then for 2+ hours during nap time.
    Ahe loves the “fish” and loves that it changes colors.
    The might itself isnt too bright so it makes a perfect night light, jot too dostracting while shes trying to go to sleep, but enough light where she isnt in the dark.
    Setup is super easy, and changing the lights from changing to solid is really straight foward.
    My husband has stated that he really wants one for himself

  601. F**m

    The jellyfish aquarium is quite a neat little item. It is very easy to set up and it works great. It looks amazing and is so soothing and tranquil. The different lights add to the mood and the fact that you can change any single color or have them rotate is a very nice feature. The jellyfish move in a life like motion which really makes them look almost real. The way the light shines on them gives them such an iridescent glow that they look mesmerizing in the dark. I highly recommend this to anyone as a night light, conversation piece or just to sit and look at and relax. Very good quality, well made easy to set up. 5 out of 5 stars. if you have any problems make sure you follow the part in the directions where it says to get rid of all the bubbles in the jellyfish and on the sides of the tank or just use distilled water. That is the key to making them float effortlessly in the water with nice fluidity.

  602. O**j

    This is a really cool product, I was looking for something for my wife’s home office to create a cool ambiance and distract her as she works from home five days a week.

    The setup is a breeze and takes less than a minute to get up and running. The jellyfish are really cool and look very realistic as they swim around in the tank. As the tank changes colors, it reminds me of the jellyfish exhibits at the local aquarium.

    The pump is really quiet and unnoticeable in the background, my wife was able to focus on work and take conference calls with the tank operating in the background. We just leave the tank running 24/7, its cool that you do not need to shut it off every few hours

  603. R**c

    So cool. Cool enough for adults, MIND-BLOWING for kids. This is by far the greatest nightlight one could ever imagine for small children. My daughters are obsessed with it. Very lifelike movement of the jellyfish. The automatic changing of the colors is mesmerizing. Pop the top off and you get a light show on the ceiling. Could not be happier with this purchase!

  604. E**h

    We love the idea of these jelly fish, however the mechanics of it all needs a but of work. The tentacles get stuck daily. We thought they would be fun to watch with no maintenance but there is maintenance. We have a plastic butter knife next to it to daily free the stuck tentacles. There is some unfortunate maintenance

  605. I**j

    Our crew loves this lamp! Way radder than the raddest lava lamp … Silent as ever and totally love how the kids can switch it to their favorite color! Easy to set up (and even though we didn’t quite follow the directions and didn’t initially fill it up as high as we could, the jellyfish had no problems doing their thing and floating about)! An easy 5 Stars!!

  606. Q**c

    I have to say I am actually three of these two in my home and one to a very good friend of mine. I can’t say enough about the product it’s just absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend if your looking for a gift or something cool for a corner table.

  607. N**c

    I bought two of these for my son’s. I looked at several different jellyfish lamps before I found this one. The jellyfish look so real! The motor makes a little noise but not horrible. It did take a while (overnight) for the bubbles to work their way out of the water so the jellies just floated at the top of the tank but after that they were stunning like crazy. They are so fun to watch! I wel probably get one more for my daughter.

  608. I**z

    I am leaving for a deployment and wanted something special for my 10 year old. She loves this, uses it for a nightlight. It’s pretty awesome if you use distilled water to help with the bubbles the jellyfish look real.

  609. U**a

    So awesome. My 14 year old daughter absolutely loves it, the jellyfish movements are so realistic. Customer service is excellent, issue with our first one and the company sent out a replacement super fast. I’ll probably be making a second purchase for my elementary classroom of kiddos with autism when they’re back in stock!

  610. Z**c

    Realistic jelly fish that fool my friends and family every time they see this aquarium. Setup is easy and customer service is friendly. The tank and pump are durable. I was blown away because I always wanted a real jelly tank, but the are very expensive. Highly recommend this product and I rarely write reviews

  611. I**d

    Bought as gift, loved it

  612. O**e

    It’s like magic when you turn it on! My nieces & nephews loved it!

  613. P**c

    This jellyfish aquarium is so cool and really good quality for the price. I sent one to my sister and my nephew LOVES this thing. He’s so mesmerized by the lights and the jellyfish – he thinks the jellyfish are real! It keeps him entertained during the day and the aquarium is so quiet that she uses it to help him fall asleep at night. What used to take him an hour of tumbling and rolling around to fall asleep is now 20 minutes AND he’s falling asleep IN HIS OWN BED. This was a thing because he always wanted to sleep in “mommy’s bed”. No more! Wonderful product, I highly recommend!

  614. J**a

    I am SO disappointed with this product. Looked for the best quality and the best reviews, and picked this one over similar products that were cheaper because I believed it was high quality, but can’t leave it on for more than 5-10 minutes without one of the jellyfish getting caught in the filter at the bottom. The tentacles get stuck and then I have to turn it on and off several times until the jellyfish is released. I would say this is a design flaw more than anything else. It cannot be helped or fixed.

  615. Y**c

    The latest design is a great improvement and we really enjoy the jelly fish/mood lamp. The lights are just the right brightness to illuminate the jellyfish and present light on the ceiling if you take the lid off. Just press the button at the back to turn on/off but just leave it on and never touch it again. That’s the best part, it’s basically a no maintenance fish tank and the kids find it soothing at night. And the vendor is very responsive, great buying experience.

  616. B**c

    Jellyfish get caught on the filter bristle daily. Not a smart design.
    Noise level is loser than I’d like but ya get what ya pay for.

  617. I**c

    I like everything about it

  618. H**w

    LOVE. this. yes it’s expensive but honestly i’m so happy i gave in and bought it. perfect “nightlight”
    for children or just fun to watch when you’re falling asleep. i usually put the color to red at night. very easy to assemble and SO SATISFYING AND CUTE!

  619. U**s

    Absolutely stunning piece!! So lifelike that it fools every person that walks up to it. At night it will blow your mind how cool it is. I bought more for my office. A must buy!!

  620. G**l

    Very happy with this purchase! It’s so quiet and the light show is mesmerizing. I really like how the jellyfish take on the colors of the lights and you can keep it running nonstop. Got it for my 3 year old and he loves watching the jellyfish dance. It’s like getting the perks of an aquarium without all the required care, just turn it off whenever you feel like it.

  621. B**j

    I can’t believe this thing is not on every desk. So freaking cool !!!!!!

  622. I**m

    Exactly what I wanted. People come over and love it as well.

  623. O**s

    Awesome buy!!!! Just make sure you use distilled water!!
    LOVE THIS THING!!!!!!!

  624. F**i

    This is awesome and my 8 year old daughter loves it! She uses it as her night light and tells all her friends they are real….lol
    Perfect for my desk at work! I get so many comments on it too.

  625. C**h

    Cool product, need to follow directions to make sure you get all the little air bubbles out or they will not swim.