Laser Hair Removal Photoepilator

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  • There are two types: Automatic and manual for different areas of the skin.

  • Painless: Five adjustable optimal energy levels according to skin tolerance.

  • Needs gentle treatment painlessly and easily, without compromising tolerance.

  • Permanent: IPL Destroys the papilla of the hair inside the pores, thus archiving permanent hair removal.

  • English description.

  • One year Warranty.

  • $30 Saving.

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1. To be clearly available, it must be used continuously for more than eight weeks. Please shave before use; Use a hair to continue to grow, but become thinner and softer! Don’t accept bad reviews about this!
2. The package will be refunded in full if a shipment is lost but the lost package cannot be inspected. Mark the lost package and after a full refund, you will not accept a bad rating!
3. If there is a problem with a product, we will do our best to solve it for you! Don’t accept bad reviews before you join contact us! Don’t accept it, so don’t pick it up with us alone and it will give you a bad opinion!

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Laser hair removal photo epilator

1. Applicable: 110 ~ 240 V operating voltage, all over the world.

2. Multiple Flash Times: 600,000 Flashes for longer start times

3. LCD display: Bright information about operating modes, remaining flashes, and power level

4. Two operating modes: Automatic and manual mode and for different skin surfaces

5. Painless: Five adjustable optimal energy levels according to skin tolerance. Asking for gentle treatment is painless and easy, without further understanding.

6. Fast and proper treatment area: 4 square meters of spot size is not too large or not too small for anyone to see, high efficiency and fast, lasting only a few minutes can be achieved, which involves a suitable hair removal method.

7. Skin detection capability: The number flashes on the LCD display when the unit is ready for operation

8. Permanent: IPL works inside the pores, destroy the papilla of the hair and permanently removes the hair

9. Long life: Quartz lamp with hairdryer, longer life, and long-lasting use

10. Zero consumables, medium, no consumables

11. Safe: has no effect on normal sweat and sebum secretion

12. Convenient: Smaller size for portable design and easy to make

Operating interval tips

Twice a week in the beginning.
If hair growth is interrupted or only a single fine hair grows, using once a month is sustainable
In a different practice, different individuals have different options depending on their situations

It changes the operating times according to the actual hair density. The operating interval depends on each situation.


IPL hair remover x 1 computer

X 1 adapter set
EU USA United Kingdom Three in one

Operation Manual x 1 computer

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hair removal device

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89 reviews for Laser Hair Removal Photoepilator

  1. Гена Назаров

    It came a month after the order. Slightly late for delivery as a gift, but alas. Packed very well. Inside-instructions on Russian and English. The Russian instruction seems to have been translated from English to Chinese, then to Russian, so when reading you can also laugh.

  2. Максим Соловьёв

    Mega fast delivery. Packaging is very reliable. Not yet tried, but like working. Glasses with a slight defect. Look super cheap, like from the inside of the glasses pasted film. You can see the dust.

  3. Лидия Зуевa

    Everything is fine, it works. For a month of use, the hair on the hands became much thinner!

  4. Eduarda Cavalcanti

    As the product description, arrived well packed in perfect condition. Very satisfied with the purchase.

  5. Lubna Lone

    product as per description. store is kind enough to respond all queries. Thank you seller. I shall post the feedback as and when I use the product.

  6. Валентин Терехов

    Arrived 17 days to the Altai territory, I sooo davolna purchase. Packed on 11 of 10, very reliable, as if a small bunker) the instruction is only in English and Chinese, did not translate, only looked at the table with modes, and then figured out itself. I was in the salon, where I made professional photoepilation, the sensations are the same, only in the salon burned a little stronger and burned hair smelled stronger, but if I do a bigger mode, it will be the same, but while I put 4 mode, first I will look at the result, then I can increase to 6-7, if necessary. I tried on a small area of the skin, I’ll write a supplement later.

  7. Bertha Ávila

    Perfectly packed, arrived in expected time, works well.

  8. ნონა კვარაცხელია

    The delivery was so quick. i was amazed. it only arrived in Georgia in 9 days . The packaging was very safe. Super store! i’ll write results too later

  9. Елена Цыпченко

    Shipping approximately a month, track tracked. At the maximum level tried on the face, does not burn, but the smell of tanned hair is present. In any case, the necessary effect will come in a couple of months. The instruction is attached in Chinese and English, but the use is very easy, by means of two buttons.

  10. Victoria Becker

    Goods came super packed and quick in Germany. Seller recommended. Product made HT a hydric Impression. and Goggles lay still at.

  11. Мирон Шаповалов

    Delivery to Birobidzhan 54 days. Works. How effective time will show. Includes dark glasses and shaving machine.

  12. Олег Панов

    So far, it’s okay. Packed perfectly, the instruction read, like everything is clear. Processed a small plot. On one leg at 3, on the second at 5 level. At 5 it is felt the heat on the skin, the mute smell “fried”. Now most likely need to wait for this section of hair to fall out. I will add a review after any results

  13. Фёдор Царёв

    The depilator came well packed, nothing damaged, works. It took almost a month to the Czech Republic and finally I waited for it. I will try, I will write about the result later. The store will send to mile instruction. Good, responsive seller, recommend

  14. Martha Evans

    Everything is neat, the goods are happy.

  15. Danielle Pearson

    Veikia, nepažeistas Kai išbandysiu parašysiu atsiliepima. Rekomenduoju pardavėja.

  16. Олег Долгих

    In the kit was not additional. Adapters and instructions for the Russian, as they write. For this I shoot a star. I tried on one leg. But not yet figured out how it works. Later sign off

  17. Enzo Dias

    Excellent operation.

  18. Kauã Cavalcanti

    Arrived in perfect condition

  19. Gabriela Islas

    Arrive early to Mx perfect packing hopefully watch operation

  20. Luisa Fernandez

    Product Description, working, but has not been tested in practice.

  21. Алексей Щуров

    Quickly came

  22. Лев Голанов

    I used it once. Packing is good, the store is good. One confuses where to look then the lamp when the flashes end. The product is happy, later I will write another comment

  23. Василиса Никитинa

    My parcel came, was very securely sealed! Everything works and nothing is wrinkled! The store is sociable, asked about this device. The result will write later, it became very interesting. As normal people write a review, the result is not immediately visible, the main thing is to make a course! So we try! :))

  24. Ty Ouellet

    come with a safe box no damage, everything is perfect I can’t wait to use it

  25. София Черкашинa

    Everything works fine, with an interpreter figured out what and how it is arranged. Those who write that there is no result, so you need to wait a year, and set the type of skin correctly. If I do not forget, I will write about the results later. Delivery was very long, more than three months.

  26. Григорий Буркавцов

    Everything works, without defects, as a gift glasses! Packed remarkably in an air cushion. I tried it for the first time, I was very afraid)). My impressions… Figured it out quickly. You can not be afraid. It doesn’t hurt. Tried on the leg, on the most powerful, there is an incomprehensible pinch, not always (probably some hairs remained). In general, I liked working with it. After the second time there were spills, it’s already 5 days on them clean. I worked like this: I sat in the bathroom, parted (at the same time and washed), shaved my legs. Well wiped and began to click, trying not to miss the skin, sometimes hit again. Then I did not lubricate anything, maybe I needed something moisturizing .. Well, that’s all, I will wait for further results. Thank you very much. Prosperity store.

  27. Данил Щукин

    Packed in 5 points: the big air pack, small pupyrku, in box. The Epilator with lamp, glasses, instructions in English and Russian. Have not tried.

  28. Vicente Alves

    Arrived well packed in 62 days. Hope it’s good☺

  29. Julie Moreno

    Atrodo beget, išbandyti reikia give

  30. Зоя Баданинa

    Shipping 12 days. I did not communicate with the store. I have a small power of the device, or the skin is not sensitive at all. It warmed a little and smelled of burnt hair. At 300 with something flashes more. Look in a couple of weeks for this magic

  31. Герман Галкин

    I got the epilator, there is a flash, I have not tested it yet. In general, everything is as in the picture. Thanks to the store for the fast delivery.

  32. Оскар Егоров

    Everything came intact, delivery a month to Togliatti. I tried it in the case, it does not burn much. let’s see later and the result, I’ll write an additional review

  33. Sai Gavde

    received it not yet used

  34. José Ferreira

    The product came very well packed, arrived fast, works perfectly, as its effective result I’m still testing the first use showed Q really can bring result and is painless even .. But demand a continuous use for a long time to see if really the result. So after some months back to see if really worked.

  35. 吉田 翔平


  36. João Nunes

    Arrived today and still not tested but OK arrived in air bag and box OK.

  37. Альбина Яшинa

    Everything works. Instruction in Chinese and English, figured out. Based on the results I will add a review

  38. Luna Beck

    Looks very nice. Zobaczę if it works and zaktualizuje review. Thank you

  39. Paul Howell

    All as in the description. Everything works. The store is very friendly and polite. I recommend

  40. Paola Montoya

    Very happy with the order I have not salted it I just turned it on and then tell them how it works I recommend to the store

  41. Анатолий Ильин

    It came for a month, with the appearance of everything soundly, tried the wife on 3 modes, felt tingling effect appeared on the legs after 2 weeks there were light patches in the leg area where the device was used, you can take, be sure to wear safety glasses during the procedure

  42. Alexander Walker

    Oh. K. Works. Well packed. Delivery to Latvia 50 days.

  43. Catherine Aguilar

    The product took just 2 weeks to reach chile, the store very attentive to whether there was any problem

  44. Victor Araújo

    Works perfectly and the store is very helpful

  45. Jessica Salazar

    Grateful to the supplier the package arrived in less than a month

  46. Felipe Vásquez

    Very well packed. I’m going to test its functioning.

  47. Miguel Cavalcanti

    Came well packed, like the picture, the flash works and heats, still need test if actually decreases the hairs

  48. Павел Щукин

    Pleased with very fast delivery. Everything works. Glasses included. Of course, there is nothing to say about the result. Time will show 🙂 instruction in English. But with the Internet everything is possible. Translated

  49. Слава Ковалевa

    Came quickly, everything is well packed. The glasses were included. Instruction in Chinese and English only. Everything works. Flashes bright. There are no unpleasant sensations, only the lamp quickly heats up. Let’s see how in action

  50. Filipe Rodrigues

    Arrived today, still not tested but came all right… A month after purchase and before schedule! Taxed!!

  51. Любов Бондаренко

    The device as in the photo, very long delivery, which is very unpleasant. The parcel was ordered in November and received in February after the opening of the dispute.

  52. Edi Falihi

    packing is really very good. not try

  53. ამირან სამხარაძე

    On the high quality. Work. Long shipping.

  54. Emilly Montes

    Came the plugs and yet did not test to know if really works

  55. Luan Cavalcante

    Everything come perfectly… Hope it works.

  56. Алёна Уткинa

    Shipping fast! Packed perfectly, as a gift put protective glasses! Instructions in Chinese, I did not understand .. I turned on the flash button no, I’m upset in panic …. I write to the store, I send a video) as a result, the seller reacted quickly, explained how to use)) Thanks!!! How effective will be seen in three months)

  57. Bianca Barboza

    Product beautiful, well packed, arrived with the box intact. Works perfectly, wrong plug socket, more it was I. Loved the product and super indicate.

  58. Софія Жердев

    Good product, fast shipping

  59. Инесса Долгих

    Very quickly reached, 3 weeks before St. Petersburg. Everything works, thanks for the glasses)))

  60. Тетяна Бондаренко

    Packed well. For a gift you can. I’ll write it off later.

  61. Влад Юдин

    It is clear that the non-working garbage, but took for resale to breed glamorous collective farmers

  62. Carl Black

    very fast shipping. it looks good. I try it now and u dont feel pain at all… i didn’t expect that.. happy.. I ll try it and write again .thanks

  63. Игорь Фомин

    Not yet used) later I will add)

  64. Ольга Калининa

    Delivery to Moscow region by mail in 15 days. Quick. The box as always suffered, but the device is intact. Turns on, the intensity modes are switched. The flash works. The store is sociable, in my request I sent the instruction in the Russian language, though a little self-translated. Put the black glasses, for which special thanks. According to the instructions, you need to apply at least two months and monitor the result, increasing the intensity. So it’s too early to talk about the result.

  65. Breno Morais

    The product came in perfect condition arrived well packed works perfectly, the store is very helpful, arrived in about 35 days.

  66. Ольга Авраменко

    I didn’t expect to come to me so fast!

  67. Danilo Fernandez

    Tomorrow will try and leave here to answer.

  68. Никита Чернов

    The goods came 23 days before Kirov. the box is slightly crumpled. The goods were tracked. Included were glasses. Until I checked.

  69. Леон Бабіак

    The package arrived quickly. The packaging was not damaged, but the goods were whole. Turned on, working, cooler buzzes, flashes gives. As a result, I can not say anything yet, I hope my wife will do.

  70. Elvira Corona

    It’s very comfortable to wear, I get well packed and fast, I bring a plus, glasses to protect your eyes, very grateful with is te supplier

  71. Ярослав Панов

    The parcel received weeks for two and a half. But A little delayed sending the goods. Now it can be understood. Everything is well packed. The device buzzes and blinks 🙂 I can not say anything else yet. There were no points in the set.

  72. Ігор Винниченко

    The product fully corresponds to the description. Shows even more than 600 thousand Flashes. The store is very good. On request I sent to the instruction in the Russian language. Translation is not super, but quite understandable. Upset delivery: 2 months. And the seller sent very quickly. And from China the goods flew quickly (although there were new year holidays). But before Ukraine he reached long + on Ukraine long went. And also the packaging was damaged, but, due to the fact that the seller well packed the goods, the inner packaging was not damaged.

  73. Егор Кац

    Everything came, the box is a little wrinkled, but the device is whole. It’s too early to talk about efficiency, but everything works

  74. Лев Завьялов

    I came in a month. The box is very much wrinkled, but the device is alive. A piece the size of a palm

  75. Linda Hunt

    They deliver fast I recommend this product, but I didn’t order lenses

  76. Joari Barbosa

    Received within the deadline, in perfect condition working perfectly.

  77. Anna Kuipers

    Kpilatop priyshov to finish the schvidko. I recommend the store. The box is nice.

  78. Bruna Pereira

    fast store and great quality product, I recommend

  79. Marina Barboza

    Very good Working perfetamente

  80. Shirley Palmer

    The parcel came in 12 days. Delivery is very fast. The store is always in touch. Whole. The kit includes a photoepilator and a block. To turn it on, you need to insert the plug into the outlet, and on the back of the photoepilator for 3 seconds hold the white power button. The power is also regulated by this white button with one-time pressing. For the first time choose a comfortable mode, gradually increasing it. I, as the owner of not light skin and dark hair, do on 5-6 mode (on the legs and armpits). The Flash will not work if the window does not fit snugly to the skin. To turn on the flash, you need to press the button near the display. It feels light warmth. No unpleasant sensations. Just in case I do in dark glasses. The photoepilator buzzes, the cooler works, it heats up a little. Outbreaks were more than 600 thousand Count correctly. Turns off with a 3-second click on the white button on the back side. I will use 2-3 times a week, as advised by the manufacturer, after which I will add a review.

  81. Тамара Зайцевa

    After one click, the letters appear on the screen and no more flashes until you reboot, how to use it is not clear yet that every time so reboot?

  82. Timothy Lawson

    The goods arrived before the specified time. Looks like in the photo. One minus the store did not plug in the outlet to turn on. The device checked its spare. Packing a little mint but the device works. Until I checked on myself. For this shoot one star.

  83. Ксения Савельевa

    Thank you for the quality goods! Delivery to Tatarstan 2 weeks. The box is a little crumpled, packed in a puffy. Glasses in general lay just beside, in a usual bag, but oddly enough, nothing broke. Everything works. Very satisfied with the order, I recommend the store. It remains to regularly use and wait for the result.

  84. Susan Hudson

    The store packed on conscience 🙂 All the whole, flashes at 300 with the more than promised, nice) glasses included, in the socket you stick, hold the flashing button and turn on the fan or something like that, in action until I tried, later I will add a tip.

  85. Алла Юрковa

    Delivery to Nizhny Novgorod region 12 days, everything works, thank you.

  86. Edward James

    good quality product and everything working perfectly

  87. Amalia Palacios

    It’s exactly the description of the store, it was very long waiting, so after using it I will do the usage valuation, within about 3 weeks, we’ll see if it was worth the wait so many months, Despite the waiting the seller was always very kind as to late as well as communication you always helped me locate the package. I really appreciate that. Fully recommended seller

  88. Guilherme Barbosa

    Product well packaged and working. Arrived before the option. I will test for a time to state if works, once your result is gradativo. Received in Brazil via epack without additional fee.

  89. Елизавета Титовa

    I haven’t tried the case yet. The parcel went long, a month and a half to Ryazan.

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