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Type: Soft Flexible LED Neon Rope lights

Input Voltage: DC12V

Light Color: Warm White/White/Red/Green/Blue/Pink/Yellow

Beam Angle:180 degrees

Strip Length: 1M/2M/3M/4M/5M

Strips Width: 12mm

Power: 5W/M

Waterproof: Waterproof IP67

Cuttable Unit: 2.5cm(At Marked Intervals)

Beam Angle: 180 degrees

Long life: >50,000 hours


Low power consumption, Super-bright but running with low temperature.

All the light spread and completely smooth, luminous very even, high intensity and reliability

You can make the most of your creativity and install our lights anywhere you like. 360 degree bendable
and you could cut to DIY. It is very suitable for shops/bars/advertising signs, letter signs, display signs, outlines, desk beds/car wall decorations, etc. It is very suitable for indoor/outdoor/all year use. They can also be decorated as a festive atmosphere, such as weddings, birthday parties, and Christmas. Our package does not have a paste function. If you need to stick it somewhere, please purchase additional silicone glue.

Package Include:


Package 1 Include:Only neon strip light

Package 2 Include:Neon strip light + 12V EU plug Adapter

Package 3 Include:Neon strip light + 12V US plug Adapter

Package 4 Include:Neon strip light +neon strip light+12V EU plug Adapter+Touch Dimmer;

Package 5 Include:Neon strip light + neon strip light+12V US plug Adapter+Touch Dimmer;

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Power Generation

Always On

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Model Number

Neon 12v

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LEDs Number/M


Beam Angle

180 degrees

Strips Width



Waterproof IP67


  1. A***a

    I installed these lights in my bedroom around the headboard and under the bed. They work great! I was skeptical about buying such cheap LED strips at first, but after a few days of messing around with them, they are better than the ones I have had in the past. The color stays constant throughout the length of the strip. The app works great as well. I actually like using the app more than the remote control but for quickly turning them on or off, the remote works best

  2. J***n

    I love these lights! The length was perfect to go around my cube at work for some fun holiday decorating! The adhesive is strong, so the lights stay exactly where you put them. I did have to pull one portion up to move it, and it came up cleanly with no residue left behind. I am working on setting up some of the programmable light patterns, but just the basic fade ie jump presets work great. I have gotten tons of compliments on them

  3. J***e

    Ausgezeichnete *****

  4. M***a

    Cool product. Lots of ability to customize on the remote control. Nice and a certain mode, the off button was a bit iffy (had to switch modes before it worked). The instructions’ English is a bit broken but understandable enough. We came with a bonus pack of “balloon glue

  5. M***E

    We got these lights for our 9-year-old son’s room. They make a really cool asset to his room. He loves the remote control to choose different settings and colors. There is an option to use the adhesive backing to stick to the wall, but we opted to simply line the string lights around the floor, following the baseboards without actually sticking them on. They work great, and our son is super thrilled to have them. Good buy

  6. I***r

    Lights and illumination makes total difference in the decoration, that led strip comes with 2 cords of 16 feet. I’ve used in my kitchen because its waterproof, the installation was really easy because all parts are easy to attach. i like the wide range of colors, i tested all os those and i got really exited. They do come with a remote that has multi settings. i do recommend it arrives quick in a perfect condition

  7. V***v

    These make great ambient lighting for any room. Installed some crown molding, leave about a half-inch to an inch from the ceiling and run these over top of the molding. It’s amazing

  8. P***n

    Adhesion: adhered to the wall easily and stayed firm after installing. No issues and overall really nice.

    Remote Control: simple, easy, and functional enough said

    Colors: Bright and colorful, looks nice in the dark

  9. V***h

    My teenager is obsessed with LED lights! These were easy to install, she loves choosing different lights and they adhere perfectly for weeks now with no issues so far!

  10. M***a

    Perfect LED light strips as they do not consume much energy and you can use them for almost any design in the kitchen or in a room and in the living room, its color change with the control makes it perfect and easy installation the best

  11. A***s

    Brilho brilhante;)

  12. J***i

    I got these lights to decorate my tv back and also decorate my media room, installation is easy and it gives very good beautification for the media room, remote works flawless. Overall nice product

  13. C***L

    I want to add some fun to my room, so I ordered this one. The installation is simple. In addition to the higher places, I basically finished it by myself. The brightness is very good. I use the remote control to change the color. It is very beautiful. When installing, make sure that it is sticky enough to ensure that it will not fall off. I have not tested the waterproof property.l also want to order.this for my balcony

  14. D***o

    Thanks for this new innovation ! This led light set is easy to use , especially the remote control is very user friendly 😀.
    Beautiful bright lights , can change to various colors , flashing , different speeds which depends on your mood choices from fun to romantic !
    Very happy with the purchase , will buy more for different rooms and party use .Thanks for this new innovation ! This led light set is easy to use , especially the remote control is very user friendly 😀.
    Beautiful bright lights , can change to various colors , flashing , different speeds which depends on your mood choices from fun to romantic !
    Very happy with the purchase , will buy more for different rooms and party use .

  15. Customer

    We set these up in our outdoor playhouse for the kids to enjoy in the warm summer evenings. (Anything to give these kids some fun in this wild 2020 so far!) They come with one control box, so the 2 strands are best to be set up next to each other which worked for us. Also, the glue has so far held up well, but we added some zip ties just to be sure the lights stay put. So much fun!

  16. Anónimo

    woo hoo amazing led strip light order it today u will recevied it tomorrow supersuper speed shipment i put it in room the color u can control will the remote many speed many color so happy with it highly recommend everyone get this ^^

  17. S***a

    I love these!! They were so easy and simple to set up. I love how they are so bright. And they are also so easy to control!! They stick very well to the wall/ceiling and can be put anywhere! I love how the remote control is simple and is understandable on how to use

  18. Customer

    I was surprised how well the adhesive worked and thought I might have use some sticky pads, but so far no problem (ours is attached to wallpaper, which may help). In fact, getting it off could be a problem. Easy to cut the strip to fit. Lights work well. The remote control is not 100% reliable, but does work fine most of the time and the lights look really good and light the whole room. My daughter is very happy with them. Very easy to set up and install. Remove tape cover and install. Sticks on great. Can have them super bright or dim them to watch a movie.

  19. Anónimo

    My 11 yr old saw these lights at his friends room and forced me to get and install under his bed surrounding. Trust me after seeing the light in night my 14 yr old daughter got crazy and i ordered another bigger one for her. Nice colorful light and mood changer. Reasonable price.

  20. I***i

    My daughter wanted to add some fun light to her room, and this is what we needed! I love how easy it is to install, you can cut the strip to fit, the adhesive looks really good, and the remote is easy to use! My daughter is happy with it

  21. Y***k

    After using the product for a month, I can definitely tell that they are of good quality. The brightness is quite high unlike the cheap ones. The adhesion was enough to stick the lights at the back of the tv, didn’t have to use extra glue and tapes.Installing is relatively easy too. Only difficult part is the corners but you can just bend the led and would still give you the desirable effects. Remote control is really convenient. make sure the receiver isn’t placed TV and can be directed pointed by the remote for optimal use. Finally, the customer service was on point. Got back to me real quick

  22. M***n

    I ordered these for my daughters room and they are absolutely perfect! They were very easy to set up and put around the walls in her room! She is in love with them and they are awesome, the remote changes these light colors and it can do all other kinds! Perfect for price because I have seen them very expensive and no need to pay that when they hve these!

  23. M***i

    These were for my cousin who never does anything to make their room more than generic. I thought these might add a little something and boy did they ever! After I cleaned the wall they stuck great and the hues of the lights are lovely. Remote control is convenient

  24. G***g

    My teenage son asked me to purchase these lights. I like that the lights were self-adhesive and had the option to be split by the plug or to be continuous by plugging into itself. There is a remote that allows for strobe effects and choosing different colors. I had trouble with the remote, but he didn’t

  25. L***a

    I only bought these because I’d had bought the DAYBETTER lights and those ones came down after a few months from the poor adhesive. I prefer these ones because I only need one central receiver because all the lights connect together with the extra little connectors that came with it. It’s definitely a lot more bright, sticks a lot better to my walls. I already had a receiver that had all my diy colors and settings so it wasn’t hard to use the remote control at all (you have to turn all the colors down before you can make your own diy color). Overall I like these lights better than DAYBETTER

  26. Customer

    This is the set of lights that you need! I love how many different colors there are to choose from and how many options the remote has as far as customization. They come safely packaged and with everything you need to turn your room into a nightclub (minus the DJ). I might have to buy another set for my other room or my living room, and I’ll definitely be buying more to give as gifts!

  27. Anónimo

    My daughter is totally obsessed with these lights. They are so cool and have so many functions. You can even use the included remote control. There’s also different preset modes that blink or Flash or fade in different patterns. They are easy to install with just peel and stick installation. It is also lightweight. They can also be dimmed or brightened and set on a timer. My girl loves these lights and great price!

  28. C***t

    Amazing lights give so much life to any room. You have the capability to create your own colors. My son made a blacklight like color which makes fluorescent color items In the room stand out. It’s simply so much fun. The remote is so easy and simple to use and installation was very easy as well. I am very happy with these lights.

  29. U***r

    Lights in the room are so much fun for the kiddo, and it’s relative easy to install. Takes me a little longer time since I tried to figure out how to use the additional balloon glue. It’s very thoughtful they came with this temporary option if I wanna change my mind on taking off the light later on for other occasions.
    I like it the light came with remote control so the kiddo won’t looking for the electrical outlet and safe to use. They thought that remote control is doing all the magic:)

  30. F***f

    Quality product, quick delivery, and excellent packaging, They are perfectly bright with the option of dimming them down. it comes with remote control to change the mode, These lights work as expected with the remote control. in addition, a glue is provided to make the installation easier.

  31. I***t

    With these lights being seen all around TikTok I knew I had to give them a try and where do we all go to when we are looking for something? Eaboutyou! I stumbled upon these and I am definitely not disappointed! They are such an amazing product for the price! There are many different colors and light patterns to choose from or you are even able to create your own, the options are endless! They make a perfect gift for any kid/teen that they would be sure to love!

  32. J***m

    These lights are fun and a creative way to light up any room. It is easy to put on because it has a sticker on the back to attach on the wall or any other place. You also get a roll of extra sticky stickers to either use when the stickiness has worn out or to stick the wires on the wall. It is also fantastic that you can change the colors with just a click of a button. I really recommend these to brighten up your room

  33. J***e

    I got these for my daughter’s room. She was very excited because her friends have them. She put them up herself. She said they went up very easy and the adhesive worked well. There are other more expensive fancier ones out there but these seem quality. I would recommend them if you don’t care about syncing to music

  34. Customer

    These lights are what I needed for our kitchen cabinets. It was dark under there and it just did not look right.
    Lights come as in the picture and you can change the color and also cut them to the size you need.
    Takes some cleaning and surface prep to install but they are fairly easy to get them ready

  35. Anónimo

    Omg, I looked at many led strip lights before purchasing this one. They were very easy to put up. I have them in my bedroom and their a perfect night light. The lightning is perfect. Best of all is the remote. I’m glad I went with these. They are beautiful and the quality for the price is just right.

  36. M***v

    The LED light strips are about 33 ft long, waterproof and flexible. Installation is super easy which is a huge plus. This kit comes complete with a remote control, power adapter, connectors and really good adhesive (surfaces must be clean and dry before application) The remote dims the LED light strip and offers a ton of different colors and modes.

  37. V***v

    These lights are great! We put them on my friends back porch and it light’s up so well. It was super easy to setup took under 20 minutes with 2 of us. The remote range is as expected and the brightness and dimming functions are. Good quality. All in all a good purchase and I plan to buy more in the future.

  38. V***i

    I ordered the Led lights for my daughter. The light are super easy and quick to install.

    Simple installation, no tech skills needed. Just plug and play.
    Everything you need is included in the package, no additional hardware.

  39. Customer

    I ordered these for my daughters bedroom and she loves them! I will be ordering more for my son as he now wants some too.They arrived quickly and were well packaged with easy to use instructions. There was also a card for a prize draw inside and we won first prize so are getting sent another set by the seller – my daughter can now fill the other half of her bedroom with them.
    Good length and good brightness, with several colour settings and choices. Haven’t used the adhesive side yet so can’t comment on that (use blue tack while deciding on exact placement). Handy remote control. The strips are more narrow than the other sort I have at home but that is great, perfect fit to go up along the stairs. Would have been great if they were compatible with Hue/Hive, but they work well on their own.
    Excellent service and product, thanks.

  40. Anónimo

    I’m using this product to create a backlight effect behind my furniture. I currently have one strip lined behind my mirror. It creates a nice glow and creates an environment where I can take unique photos in the mirror. My second strip is lined along my roof. The cable is a little short so I had to attach an extension cable to reach where I wanted the lights to go. So far, the adhesive is doing well. I basically have the power source hanging from the ceiling and I’ve had no issues with it falling since I’ve attached it. This is an easy way to change the look of your room without too much effort

  41. G***r

    I received my order about a week ago and I love the product. The lights are a lot higher quality then I thought they thought they would be. The lights are very bright and light up my whole room. I like how there are so many different colors i can switch to and even put in on a mode where it will change colors. The lights have strong sticky tape on it that stick well to the wall and doesn’t rip the paint off when you move them. The remote works well so well that I can turn the lights on and off and change the color all the way from the bed . The lights really bring my whole set up together and make it look a lot more professional. I would 100% recommend to buy these lights for the quality and price.

  42. R***r

    My daughters wanted these for her too. I was skeptical. They actually worked wonderfully! I only needed one set for both beds. The lights are bright and colorful making it an amazing space to relax. The plastics quality is great as well in comparison to other brands. It came with extra glue dots. The remote is large and easy to use for my kiddos. I’m we really enjoy these lights

  43. Z***z

    I am in love with the strip lights it’s so beautiful and easy to install I like that its have a remote control and I can change the colors and I thought to put it in the leaving room now when I see how beautiful it is I will definitely order more for the kitchen and for the other rooms, I’m so happy I bought hear the 32 fit the price was really fair and the quality is very good

  44. O***a

    These lights work as promised & even come with a few extras! They are bright, easily programed & are holding up well so far. They are really adding light & life to our game room setup. We’d buy these again without hesitation.

    Pros: bright, easy to program, waterproof, fairly easy to install, & seem durable

    Cons: some places needed the additional glue dots provided

  45. A***n

    This product was something I really needed and I was not disappointed. I just got done hanging them up in my room and it looks awesome. Also the remote control that comes with it, allows you to display almost every possible combination of lights together on your LED’s. The LED lights come in two separate bags and can be combined or put up separately. The lights themselves are pretty self explanatory however the lights came with no instructions. I was able to figure it out but I just wish they would’ve considered that. I do in fact think this is a great bargain because you get a lot of lights. With the 32 feet that I received I was able to do the entire exterior wall of my room and it looks fantastic especially at night. These can be used as a night light, or even to create a disco environment in your room. It has a lot of options of what you could do with them, and I am considering putting them outside around the pool. I would recommend this product

  46. Customer

    So many colors and variations. It’s very bright, but you can dim it (at least 5 levels of brightness).
    Instructions are quite clear in case this is your first time working with LED strips.
    It came in a box, which is nice, and as said in description, it came with balloon glue, just in case the adhesive goes bad over time.
    Good quality control. No dead bulbs. The controller works wells. Colors, modes, etc matches the controller

  47. Anónimo

    As the festive season is around the corner I thought to order some rainbow lights and came across these strip lights. I am totally in love with the brightness level. The color options are great to change with your mood and music.
    I am going to install them on to one of my bedroom wall soon! Just did a trial of them and think they are super fun. I am not too sure about how the remote is going to work as I still need to figure that out!! Will update that soon!! I recommend them if you want super colorful bright lights around you!

  48. V***m

    Look at this LED light. This is first time trying it and totally happy with that result. First time installing the led light and its really worth it. Really light up your room and make it so so pretty. I only put on my shadow box as a display but I still have another roll that I will install under my table in my work room. Definitely happy with that. There so many brand out there and I think to me whatever brand you get it will all worth it

  49. M***z

    First off, I love the fact that now they are universal and you can plug them into another set.

    Second, I have another set which has twice as many lights per line but this one seems to be as bright with less the LEDs.

    I think the ac adapter is bulking and not water-resistant, so I bought a waterproof extension box to house it. Remote is like the rest of them, needs better coverage or maybe two sensors. Other than that I’m happ

  50. J***t

    Two high-quality spools of LED lights that are dimmable and color changing. Double sided tape is already attached for convenient mounting. They work nicely with the remote that already had a battery installed. This provides great ambient lighting for our enclosed deck and the lights don’t get hot

  51. A***u

    I was a little hesitant about installing these, but it was super easy. There’s a red sticker along the entire strip that you can peel as you press the light strip to the wall. My son absolutely loves these lights. They add such a cool vibe to his room. I love all the different color options and the auto jump settings. I also love the option to dim the lights so he can use them for a night light at bedtime. We love these lights!!!! Everyone in the house will be getting some for their own space

  52. S***o

    I got these to enhance the mood for a romantic evening with the hubby. I put them around my bed and they were just awesome. The remote was a bit of a struggle as some of the buttons refused to operate correctly , but still the lights looked great and did the job. They were easy to apply and aren’t something that will be a permanent fixture so come down easily as well

  53. Y***a

    These have been some of the best LED lights I’ve ever used. They have so many color options that I’ve utilized for different occasions. Whether I’m having a partner over or I’m just playing some video games, these lights are perfect for setting up the mood and atmosphere. They were simple to set up. I had no problems getting it all ready for use. I have a large room so it’s size was very helpful in covering all corners of it. The lights have given what seems like new life to my old plain room

  54. R***u

    My family loves playing dance games, and I looked at these strip lights for a long time before purchasing them. They were easy to set up, easy to change from bright to dim, and has many options for the colors to change by flashing or fading from one color to another. They’re the perfect addition to our “Just Dance” PS4 dance floor. I will add more in the future. Recommended!

  55. P***n

    My kids have been begging me for LED lights ever since they went to their cousin’s house and saw them there. I got this brand for my son and another brand for my daughter. My husband installed both of them today and felt these were better quality. The strip was thicker and gave off more light. Lights change color, flash, and can be set on different speeds. I no longer need a nightlight anymore either. The one piece of advice I would give is to buy two strips so that the lights go around the entire room. I already placed an order for another set

  56. P***o

    I bought this product for my niece’s room decoration. The LED strip lights are superb easy to set and provide excellent circumfluent lighting. It has DIY selection to creat anyone great led mood lighting.

    My niece genuinely enjoy this product. I put it around the corner under the ceiling in her living room and it varily joins another layer of calm it. The remote has many unmixed settings. She can make own color anytime, usage ticklis, blinking lights and fixed the speed whatever she wants. Everyone can easily decorate huge places like ceiling and kitchens also. There are so many choices for colors and option to dim them down so shinny is perfect when will it be time for her to sleep. Easy to operate for kids and kids room also. I will be buying more LED strip lights and putting them around my room in the afterwards

  57. M***e

    What a cool idea. This kit comes with 2 wheels of self-adhesive lights, ac connector, and a wireless remote control. The lights unroll and self stick to whatever surface you decide to place tour lights. I like this kit because it includes the ac adapter. Other kits make you find those and purchase separately. After deciding to apply lights to the built-in furniture, I simply unrolled it and applied pressure to make lights stick. On the corners I applied extra tape to keep it in place because you have to twist it to curve the lights. Once all the lights were applied, I plugged everything in. Once everything is pugged in, you use the included remote to turn on the lights. The remote give you a lots of color choices. You can also change the brightness, the flashing pattern, and lots of other option that I am still figuring out! Overall, this is cheap and fun way to add lights and color to any room in your house. My daughter loves it! We were very happy with this purchase

  58. F***a

    I have used similar products in the past and the weak link (connectors) appear much better on this product. <-- This is important. Note that I still highly recommend a decent amount of electrical tape on these areas before install on anything that moves or can be touched. Why I bought this: The Lights! You can select a solid color or have them flip through colors with the remote. You can also DIM the light <-- THis is important because they are bright. I bought these for use on a GOLF CART, so WATERPROOF was the piece I needed most. I also needed the adhesion, which these lights have (3M or similar type of sticky tape on the entire length.) --> You can spend $10 alone on the tape.
    I also needed 12V.. Since the 120 steps down to 12V, this is a perfect option and should work (fingers crossed) by simply hard-wiring to 12V instead of using the 120.

    This product is great… Let’s hope my installation does it justice it deserves.

  59. M***s

    I bought these for my teenage daughter who wanted them in her bedroom. They came well packaged with clear instructions and may be managed with the remote or the app. I gave remote control 4 out of 5 becasue she said she finds it hard to get the colour to the exact shade, but we are talking about an artisitic perfectionalist teen so maybe 4 is unfair.I like the fact I can control them with remote and turn them off when she falls alseep with them on, without going into her room.The lights come with one electric controller and two reels. If you want one long strand you will need a connector to connect the two ( not in this package).Each strip is sticky backed. The sticky works great, maybe too well if this is a temporary thing for you perhaps use tape instead. For us, they are perfect , took minutes to put up, runs on electric so no batteries, app set up was dead easy. Honestly from package to happy child took all of about 5 minutes.Definitely would buy again.Also a nice scratch card inside which got us another reel.

  60. G***r

    I bought these lights to replace the cheap ones I got at Walmart. It’s been the best decision I made. I was indecisive on whether to place them in the kitchen or the kids room. I decided to just buy another pack. I haven’t had any issues, everything works and is easy to use/step up. Definitely recommend this!!!

  61. H***n

    I’m so impressed with this product. It’s really nice and easy to work with. My balcony looks much nicer. There are a lot of colors, great for a party or do a cool area. I really recommend it!!!

  62. N***n

    The lights are beautiful, the product arrived very fast and came super packed. I loved it! I already want another one to put in the whole house!

  63. Y***i

    We love the way these lights accentuate craftsman style room. My oldest loves the way it makes his room look and the multiple options of colors he can chose from. He can brighten and dim down the lights and can do fading into other colors. The adhesive is only as good as you clean the walls to make sure there is no dust

  64. N***e

    I’m in the process of updating things in my home and I wanted to add some lights to the back of my headboard and bed frame.

    They arrived really quickly with prime. These lights are way too fancy lol! The actual 2 sets of lights come with lots of “cord” so you Won’t have to worry about it not reaching. They do come with a remote that has plenty of settings. They also come with Balloon glue or tape which can be used to attach them to your fixture.

    There are tons of colors and settings. I tested out the colors and lights and immediately got excited and couldn’t wait to install them!

    They are perfect for what I need them for!

  65. G***g

    I have used similar products in the past and the weak link (connectors) appear much better on this product. <-- This is important. Note that I still highly recommend a decent amount of electrical tape on these areas before install on anything that moves or can be touched. Why I bought this: The Lights! You can select a solid color or have them flip through colors with the remote. You can also DIM the light <-- THis is important because they are bright. I bought these for use on a GOLF CART, so WATERPROOF was the piece I needed most

  66. A***a

    I’m obsessed with LED lights! They are fun and just make everything so much better.

    These were super easy to put up. It’s like a big sticker (I always use staples just in case though)

    Love the fact that you can change the color or effect by your handy dandy remote and the mode is awesome.
    Really bright and durable. Definitely going to be buying some more

  67. D***d

    They came out perfect for my son’s room. Super bright and easy to use! Much longer than expected!

  68. D***n

    They were super easy to put up and the brightness is great. I put them in my patio bar and it looks amazing at night. The adhesive is super sticky and holds great!

  69. D***d

    Funciona bem com quatro chave

  70. Customer

    Love it! They work great and easy to install. Just stick to the wall.

  71. Anónimo

    I am using this product to harden UV resin. It works very well. I am very happy with this purchase.

  72. G***r

    Amazing quality, super skeptical as they were LEDs’ but they are true UV black lights. Highly recommend !! Great product!

  73. N***o

    It seems a bit heavy for proper adhesion so I secured mine with tape here and there. But these are great otherwise

  74. Customer

    Exactly what I needed for my Funko pop shelves. I needed a 40ft LED strip but all the ones I saw were way too long or short. This one came out and was the perfect length. I was able to stick it on my shelves and able to bend the corners without any lights going out. It’s bright and does not heat up at all. I’m very impressed with this and told all my friends. Lol I’m looking for my areas where I can do this at now.

  75. Anónimo

    The product works great and looks great. And no it was not handled directly by delivery personnel

  76. M***a

    I loved this product it is so cool in my bedroom I think that it is good quality but the only thing I don’t like about it was when it came in the mail it was good packaging but the stuff to keep it sticky was peeling off and I didn’t even unravel the roll yet so it had to tape the stuff back on but so far it hasn’t fallen off the wall yet so I will update if something else happens

  77. A***v

    Works perfectly for my coffee stand!

  78. G***r

    Used these on the underside of my outdoor bar. They look great.

  79. N***j

    Fun lights for any room!

  80. K***o

    It’s easy to use! The color is vivid. There are interesting! You can set color and changing mode easily. Just to make sure the arrow sign on the remote must be toward to the other arrow sign on the connector when you install

  81. B***e

    Bought my niece these for her birthday and she loves them.

  82. A***l

    really good and bright. good quality

  83. V***v

    Works perfectly. The seller was very professional and made sure the order was received correctly and on time. Ordered over 30 lights for a house/business. They look beautiful and have a variety of colors, easy to install and overall great quality

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