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  1. K***N

    Could not get it to work with Google Voice Control and has no dusk to dawn capability.

  2. J***d

    Works fine and easy with Alexa!

  3. M***m

    I bought 5 switches, three 1gang, one 2gang, one 3gang but two are damaged does not turn on the blue light not synchronize wifi.

  4. T***i

    The app didn’t work, I ended up using another app called ” Smart Life “.
    Thank me later for that advice

  5. K***I

    Good Perfect.

  6. S***z

    Took me a while to figure out the wiring and the app doesn’t work well on the iPhone. Got it configured on and android and worked as expected

  7. B***g

    It has a timer function, you can set the scene mode, when I go to work regularly turn off the lights and turn on the lights, on the weekend I asked friends to come to my birthday party at home, set the scene to turn them on when I want, That scene is very good

  8. M***Z

    Great product. Now i can jump in bed and then ask Alexa to turn off the lights whereas in the past it was annoying to turn off the lights and then *feel* my way to the be

  9. Y***n

    Easy to install but as advertised will need a neutral wire. Not advertised by design it should be installed in a single box. I do not see any way of installing this switch in a double box without customizing the cover plate. Once paired with your phone and WIFI you will be impressed with the ease of setting/using it as a timer or simply turning it on and off.

  10. C***k

    This touch light panel works but it sure wasn’t the easiest thing for me to hook up. Requiring a neutral in order to work in an old house that doesn’t have them was a real trick. Once I got it, it does work nicely and works well with Alexa

  11. C***n

    This is a pretty nice item but it should come with a warning on the opening cap. It’s sort of spring-loaded and when I opened it up to install it flew all over. There were also no instructions as to what went where but with a little common knowledge it was easy to figure out.
    Working well so far. Wireless is excellent and responds respond very efficiently. I went ahead and purchased the 3-gang to try installing as well.

  12. A***o

    Super cool gadget! I have said for years that I wished they made a “clapper” for our bedroom ceiling light & fan. Well here it is! Alexa will turn off the lights & fan with voice commands but we do still have to 0hysically increase or decrease the fan. I’m giving this a 4 stars instead of a 5 because I duf have to hire an electrician to install (watched youtube, attempted myself, but really not that easy nor worth electrocuting myself for.) I order (2) 2 packs of the 1 gang & 3 gang. The old 3 gang in our bedroom is much bigger than our new dmartch switch leaving a hole. I ordered new plates to solve this problem. Thus switch has now surround plate like a typical switch has you must buy that separate. Only other downfall is one of the 1 gang could not be installed where I wanted it because there are multiple other switches to that light & thus 1 gang would not work I would instead need a different switch that would make it possible to not kill the other controlling switches. Overall great product

  13. H***O

    Used these in an old mobile home. Overall, very easy to install, 5 single and 2 double in less then 3 hours including making the plates. Used the smart life app to set them up since I already had it for some plugs and works flawlessly with echo. Even after power failure. The only thing I would change is having to re-add the switch every time you remove the touch plate, but how often do you have to do that

  14. I***a

    The glass panel looks great. Flat glass surface. The circle in the middle lights up when there is power to the switch. Touch-sensitive button – not a mechanical button. Does NOT fit in older electrical boxes, make sure you have a newer one as they are a little bigger – but it does still work with the older boxes, just sticks out a little bit. Once installed, connected to the app in about one minute – super quick. I am happy, the product works, but I wish it fit into older electrical boxes, although I understand they weren’t made for all the new tech that we put in our homes. Uses the JINVOO app – a lot of these wifi switches sold don’t tell you which app to use. I specifically chose this one because it uses the Jinvoo app – all of my other switches use this and it’s nice to have them in one place. Works with Alexa as well. Overall – 4 stars because this WORKS but I have to eventually change the box out if I want the switch to not protrude from the wall

  15. G***r

    This product is awesome and I am so glad it worked with my 3 way light. Sure, the other one (which is not smart) has to always be on, but no one uses it anyway!

    Since it is a 3 way light, I had to double up on the wires in each slot, but it still works. The two traveling wires, which were on the brass screws, I put into the slot that said L. The lone black wire that was on the black screw I put into L1. The copper to ground, and the white one to the N.

    Once I figured it out, It was a breeze to get power, and it was seamless connection to Alexa. Will definitely buy again for other rooms

  16. E***n

    Excellent. Easy enough and really classy item.

  17. P***K

    Excellent Product. Works Great. Installation 1-2-3. You don’t need an Electrician for this. Can wait for the 3 way switch to come out

  18. T***k

    Exceeded my expectations and was really easy to install. The product looks great and very pleasing to the eye. The smart life application was easy to use. The product was easy to connect with Alexa

  19. H***m

    Had a single switch controlling 2 Lights. Now each light can be operated separately and controlled by Echo using the SmartLife app

  20. A***m

    Easy install and works fine with the Smart Life app. A little wider than standard so consider dimensions closely. I’m using it outdoors in the garage and it is holding up well

  21. Y***r

    I love this switch. Very useful and easy to install. I have 3 already and they are working great

  22. Customer

    These switches are so cool. They look great and have a solid ‘feel’. Easy to connect up and install the software, upgrade the firmware. Just follow the instructions (I used 2.4 GHz network as instructed). Very nice, easy-to-use mobile app. Really can’t fault them.

  23. Anónimo

    Very easy to install as long as you are comfortable with electricity. Works perfectly with Alexa.

  24. M***r

    Works as expected and it looks great. Would be great if i could get it integrated with openhab but works as advertised.

  25. F***s

    This is a very high-quality product. Easy to configure, and very responsive (the touch 100% times pressed). They look very nice in the wall. I find these products to be expensive, that is my only concern.

  26. T***v

    I needed someone with experience to install the switch but it integrates very nicely and allows me to turn my outside light and ceiling fan on remotely

  27. A***m

    The Instructions that come with the switch are way too basic but with a little research on google, we were able to install them. They look really nice and add aver modern feel to the room

  28. B***n

    Very nice switch, high quality and very nice appearance. Just a caution, this switch has to be stand-alone and can’t be installed in a 2 or 3 gang box.

  29. Y***a

    I have my whole house rewired with these and love it. They work great but took a while to figure out the wiring. If the power goes out or wifi, it automatically reconnects

  30. P***y

    Professional installation needed. In my case, the electrical cables of my house were not enabled for this type of equipment. Works perfectly with Alexa and is very easy to set up. I always configure these Chinese gadgets with the Gosund App not Smart Life. All these Apps works the same, so If you have an account in one, don’t get another App

  31. M***m

    Cheap alternative to automate your house, there is nothing better than to be in your bed late at night and not having to stand up to turn off the lights, this does that!
    These switches are affordable, convenient and most importantly they work as described.

  32. D***e

    Installation wiring instructions are not user friendly. Had to hire an electrician. Programing requires some experience but with patience and determination I found the switch very functionally and aesthetically pleasing

  33. R***

    The switch was a breeze to install and setup was incredibly simple. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to add some home automation. The only thing that was a little confusing was when I had to reset one of my switches, it wasn’t clearly noted anywhere that all you have to do to get the rapid blinking light again was to hold down either of the two switches for 20 seconds, and sure enough, then it started rapid blinking and was able to connect to the Smart Life app again

  34. E***o

    This product appears to be very durable, being I just received it if that changes over time I’ll post back. It is very easy to install and the instructions make it super simple for even a novice like myself

  35. L***l

    Nice finish! Looks good and sophisticated! No issues thus far and have been using it for weeks.

    One downside, it does not let me turn off the always-on led and I like my room completely dark. It did not prevent me from still using it, but certainly, something that needs considering

  36. J***g

    I’m glad about the product, was easy to install, the wifi configuration was a little bit confusing once I did the first the other were easy, also the integration with Alexa was easy and smooth, the switches work great with Alexa in both languages, English and Spanish.

  37. K***y

    I am using these switches around my home for automation. They work well and integrate with Alexa for easy voice control too. With this technology, you do not need a separate hub, just a good home wifi network. I recommend these products

  38. B***f

    Great product, functionality & price. Used it for my office lights and external lights and it worked out great. One thing to improve this product is to allow for any wifi source (2 or 5G). I had to disable 5G on my router temporarily during setup so i can connect things properly(my router broadcasts wifi using the same name for 2 or 5 G). Other than that it’s awesome

  39. W***o

    My only issue is that the glass is the size of a full switch plate, so you can’t install this switch side-by-side into a box with multiple switches. It only fits into a single switch box by itself. I wish they made a version with a smaller plate that would fit side by side with other switches

  40. E***o

    Communicates perfectly with our WiFi, and works seamlessly with Google Home. The switch is also very responsive to touch. We couldn’t be happier with this switch

  41. G***r

    Works with smart life, Google, and Alexa. I converted a 2 gang that controlled 3 lights with this. I had to have an electrician help me because of the condo wiring and it worked perfectly to separate a 2 gang 2 switch that controls 3 lights to now a 2 gang 3 switch that controls 3 lights

  42. A***V

    Love this lite switch. We didn’t get it at first and tried to push the lite right in middle to turn on and off. Now we just reach without thinking and rub it with back of your knuckles and it clicks right on. Timer function and auto shut off times are great too

  43. G***a

    I have purchased a few of these. initially, they go in easy and are easy to set up. but ALL of them have had issues when a thunderstorm knocks out the power they start working erratically. not smooth when dimming, and lights flicker constantly with all but full power. I am using LED bulbs in these, but I had them up and working great, but one by one they are succumbing to failure due to storm-related power lose and I cannot find anyone to contact about this

  44. G***a

    This little thing just amazes me. Works great. We can be thousands of miles away and I can on and off my house lights. I’ve orders more since I am super impressed with how well they work and look very elegant. At some point, I intend to replace all my switches with these hehe I can on and off lights from my bed my work or wherever I am.

  45. F***s

    Going strong after 1 year. This switch is almost stupidly easy to install, the smart life app is easy to use and it looks good.
    I prefer switches like this one that don’t have the 16 gauge wires attached to them, but sometimes when your lead/load wires are inexplicably cut short it can be a challenge. But don’t let it stop you from buying this switch. It’s held up for me

  46. U***r

    Excellent product. I was about to pay a lot more money for an electric controller for a single switch here in Venezuela and decided to go with this item. Easy to install. Just a couple of Youtube tutorials to understand home electricity basics and done. It’s now working fine. I can controll two lights in y home from the switch, from my phone and also scheduled

  47. F***c

    I love this product. I am currently trying to figure out how to implement it more in my home and shop. Be careful though. This is the size of one individual switch. I did notice that before I bought it and plan to fill the hole left from the two switches mine replaced. Loading the app was easy then integrating it with my Google Home app was easy too. It is easy to use and easy to install. The finish and quality look much more expensive

  48. Customer

    Nice product, I like that the switch is lit blue when not in use and changes to red when on. Works as stated, presently I am using the Smart Life application on my smartphone to control – works nicely! Need to make sure the outlet box is wide enough to fit the switch. Older metal boxes may be tight, I had to change to a plastic electrical enclosure, which requires some work removing the old box

  49. Anónimo

    Whether used with its own timer or in an Alexa routine, this switch never fails ro respond immediately. The illuminated manual button is equally responsive and attractive looking. I will probably add more locations. Be aware that this requires an electrical installation that requires proper skills. The connection/control box that goes into the wall box is pretty large and I had to grind the wall box a bit to fit it in. If your wall box is very full of cables, it may not be a good choice

  50. Customer

    The reason I choose this product over others on the market is because my existing wiring has multiple Gang switches and I needed a replacement which would not require me to re-do complicated wiring and drilling to install more boxes in the walls (my walls are concrete).
    That being said, I love the product, it is soo sleek and modern with the glass panel and the LED backlight on the switches is a really nice touch.
    As with any other smart product you can integrate it into Google / Alexa and IFTTT and you can create schedules. I have my schedules created and use IFTTT and geofencing to make sure I have all the lights off when I leave the house and turn on the front door lights as I approach..

  51. Anónimo

    Half the price of a name brand, capacitive touch like a phone, and uses wifi. Have this setup with Alexa and Google Home. I had to tap a neutral into an outlet below my switch since it only had two wires. Once I fished it up, I wired up the switch and I was good to go

  52. M***a

    I ended up putting this into an outlet that has another switch on it but it still works. I just cut the faceplate of the other switch to make it fit. I installed it to mainly work with Alexa and Google home and also scheduling features. I am very happy with it and recommend it. Seems to be good quality sofa

  53. C***

    Cheap but luxurious. The tempered glass finish adds a sophistication level to all of your light switches that cannot be achieved with those plastic-finish ones.
    -Easy to install (if you have all needed cables L, L1, and N).
    -Easy to set up.
    -Even easier to use.
    -Works great with Google assistant.
    -Really easy to clean.
    -The only problem I could find is the lack of a power outlet that matches the light switch tempered glass finish.

  54. B***a

    It was easy to install as my switch box already had a neutral. The hardest part was getting all the wires behind it as there is no space on the sides or bottom because of the size of the projection in the back.
    It lights blue when the switches are off & red when a switch is on. Using the smart life app you can set a time delay automation for each switch to turn lights off when they are forgotten on.

  55. V***a

    It took me some minutes to cable neutral to the switch box, once done the rest of the installation took me less than 5 minutes. The size of the switch is 100% compatible with a standard box, even tho I have several passing through cables on the box. Programming took me more time than installation: download the app, create an account, discover switch, download Alexa skill, activate the skill, and finally configure the device in Alexa. Although it took some minutes all the process was flawless, except firmware update that stopped at 93%.
    It works perfectly via touch or voice control.

  56. Customer

    I have tried several smart light switches and returned all of them before these units. I needed a unit with 2 switches in a single gang box. This unit met my needs perfectly.

    All of the prior units I have tried look good. This one is no exception. It is sharp looking and my wife is happy with it on the walls.

    Much more importantly, this unit works. It wired in nicely. The connections are clean and well-placed. Nothing about this unit felt flimsy. That is important to me, as after wiring it you need to fit the unit and lots of wire back into a single gang box. This unit worked well for that.

    Finally, I installed these units to have control through Alexa. This is something that either works perfectly for you or is trash. In this unit, it is perfect. You install via the smart life app and then Alexa will see it. Boom. It works. I have installed two of these and I will be getting more of them. I highly recommend

  57. Anónimo

    Love these! L is the power source (or Line) in, L1-3 are non-load lines to what you want to control, N is neutral. We had to view a YouTube on them to figure that out. Otherwise, instructions were good and the switches are perfect. Yes, they make a clicking noise but for what they give me, I can live with it! Set up is easy and Alexa learns the switches easily. I read negative reviews and can only guess the buyer just didn’t understand what they ordered, didn’t wire them correctly, or I got lucky with the 11 I ordered. The glass is lovely but Yes, it’s glass, so be careful. I found the tip of a tweezer pushed into the smaller outer tabs on the bottom end made it easier to pop on/off.

  58. M***r

    After researching for weeks, reading reviews, comparing alternatives, and understanding the options I reservedly purchased this switch. There are not many companies making a switch like this, and the fan-fair was weak. However, I am elated to report that this switch is a dream come true! It works perfectly with my smart-home setup, apps, and Alexa! I am so happy with this switch that I had to write a review so that other people in my situation are able to find it. There is no humming from the switch at any fan speed, Alexa controls the fan & light separately, and the aesthetic is wonderful. The only thing it doesn’t do is allow Alexa to adjust the fan speed, but with very few options in the market this is a small sacrifice. Besides that, Alexa does control my thermostat so I rarely ever have to adjust the fan speed anyway

  59. R***a

    Installation was relatively easy. See youtube for information on creating a ‘pigtail ‘ for your neutral wire. Turn off the power to switch before beginning. Smart Life app found switch quickly followed by prompt recognition by Alexa. I do not have this switch on a schedule but I do have others scheduled using the Smart Life app. The glass front is very beautiful. Makes me wish all of my switches looked this nice. For those very particular about noise, you do hear an audible sound when the switch is activated but I guess I have gotten used to it because I never notice the sound. Does glow blue when off but it is unobtrusive.
    Note about wifi switches: When I started down this wifi road I began with mostly wifi plugs to control a variety of lights. The plugs work ok but can be glitchy on occasion and slow to respond. This has not been my experience with this and other wifi switches. They are very responsive and much more reliable. I think hard wiring these things is the way to go.

  60. Customer

    This light switch is very attractive and works great with Alexa and the Smart Life app. It is easy to install and setup, but realize that you will need the Panduit cover plate if you are installing this in a two gang box (which you most likely are if you are buying the double switch). Wiring is simple, but, you must connect a neutral wire (typically the white wire in the US) to this switch. There a pretty good chance that your existing switch has a black wire coming in and going out of it. One is the Line (voltage from your electrical service panel) and one is the Load (power passing through the switch to your light). Your neutral wire might just be stuffed in the box, in which case you will have to run a wire (a pigtail) to that bundle of neutral wires (probably white) to provide a neutral for this switch. You can pair this switch using the Smart Life app, and then rename the switch whatever you like (eg. Bedroom, Man Cave, etc.). Through the Smart Life App, you can control each switch individually (and name each switch), and see whether it is on or off no matter where you are. Using Alexa to control this switch, you can only turn both lights on or off (no independent control of each switch). For example, if you have a ceiling fan with a light in it (wired separately), you can turn on just the fan or just the light with the app. Using Alexa, it’s all or nothing. For my application, the ceiling fan has the light built in and runs on one circuit and is controlled by a remote, my second switch controls a switched outlet that has other lights attached to it. You must have a router with a 2.4Ghz network in order to use this switch. Which you probably do if you are using Echo dots or firesticks in your house, so no worries. You can even use your FireTV or FireStick remote to turn this switch on (even if your TV isn’t on), if you do not have an Echo nearby. I hope that this review helped someone decide whether or not to get this switch. I personally love the switch

  61. Anónimo

    This is one of the best switch’s on the market! It looks great. Simply works! Controls up to three switches (2lights- 1bathroom light/fan combo) elegantly via the Smartlife app or Alexa. Installation was easy! Fast we installed one in about 12 minutes! Loving the ease of programming vi Alexa and each device’s individual control! Will definitely be getting more of these!

    3: gang? For anyone that has questions regarding – changing out their 3 gang switch with this: it will control all three switches as long as you have the natural wire. the size of this switch much smaller – so you will have to patch up the hole that’s leftover. Ideally, if you are trying to replace a three gang switch with this single switch. You should change the box that’s in the wall to a single gang as well and then patch the hole.

  62. K***a

    This is simply an amazing product once you factor in the price. I have 6 installed, a mix of the 2 switch and 3 switch models, and I had zero issues with the installation. I did have to do some rewiring which included bringing in a neutral line to some of the switch boxes and some elective rewiring since I wanted to be able to turn my overhead lights and ceiling fans on and off independent of each other.

    I have a dual WiFi network (Both 2.4 and 5.8) under the same SSID and had absolutely no issues getting them registered with the smart life app even though my key has both spaces and special characters. Integration with Alexa was just as simple.

    I ordered and installed 4 more so that all of my lights controlled by wall switches will be on these. The 4 most recent are either a newer or older version as they appear to have copper terminal screws, be careful tightening them as it is very easy to twist the screw head off.

    I did have a problem with one of the 3 switch models, the middle (L2) switch appeared to function correctly but did

  63. J***g

    Installation was a breeze, taking less than 10 minutes. I installed the three switch version, only using two of the three switches to control 1.2 amps of LED lighting, per switch. I already had the Smart Life app, used to control this switch, installed on my iPhone, and set up to work with Alexa.

    I discovered that each switch could be controlled independently by using their default names, which were Switch1, Switch2, and Switch3, and changed those names to a more appropriate Kitchen1, Kitchen2, and Kitchen3, which Alexa recognized. I did this within the Smart Life app, but it didn’t propagate over to the Alexa app. So I rename the switches within the Alexa app, by going to Setting: Device Settings, and scrolling through the list of devices, selecting Switch1, and then the right upper three vertical dots, which allows the name of the device to be edited. I repeated for the other two switches.

    The state of all three switches can also be set simultaneously, using the name assigned to this gang of switches, which in my case was Kitchen.

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