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    Xiaomi Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale 2

    Product Notes

    -This product is not recommended for use with cardiac devices and other medical devices.
    -xiaomi 2.0 body fat scale needs to boot 5 KG weight, use the weigh mode after booting.
    -If your body loses balance, they will surely open their eyes and stand on their feet.

    Product Specifications

    Artikelxiaomi 2.0 Körper Fett Skala
    MaterialHardened glass + Engineering plastic
    Wiegebereich100 g -150kg
    Wiegen EinheitJin, KG, LB
    Betriebs Temperatur0 ~ + 40C
    1,5 V
    Batterie4 PCS AAA Battery
    Bluetooth verbindung
    Bluetooth 5,0
    Compatible with device typesISO 9,0 Android 4.4 bluetooth 4,0 Oben
    Artikel Get1,7 kg
    Product size300x300x25mm /11,81×11,81×0,98 zoll
    Package Include
    1 x Xiaomi Body Fat Scale 2

    1 x User Manual

    Please Note:
    Battery not included from Chinese warehouse
    Shipping from Russian warehouse with 4 PCS AAA batteries

    Shipping from Spanish warehouse with 4 PCS AAA batteries
    Product Features
    – In-depth analysis of physical health.
    – The body fat rate is the standard for the assessment fat and thin.
    – G-shaped sensor, 50g can be detected.
    – Supported switch from three units of jin, kilogram and pound for easy reading.
    – Highly accurate BIA chip for easy understanding of body fat percentage.
    – A scales can be used to know body weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, water rate, Protein rate, visceral fat grade, basal metabolism, bone mass, bodies old, ideal body weight, body size, and health score.
    – 13 to fully understand physical data, their physical state.
    – Dynamic scales, static scales, use a dual.
    – Balance test, close the eyes and stand on the xiaomi 2.0 body fat scale, they can balance their ability.
    – Low energy Bluetooth 5,0. 4 Batteries can be used for twelve months. Support for 16 -person data records, And guest mode do not keep other people of the data.
    – Use the science fitness tutorial from xiaomi Sport App customize the training to help them lose weight and shape their bodies.

    Weighing and analyzing the health of the body

    G-shaped sensor
    50g can be perceived

    High-precision BIA chip easily grasps body fat percentage
    13 body data to fully understand the physical state
    Balance test, closed eyes, one foot test

    Fat, not fat
    Not the weight has the final say

    We usually use weight as the sole criterion for determining a person’s fatness, but this is not accurate. At the same weight, the fat volume is three times the muscle volume.
    Therefore, even if the weight is the same, people with too much fat will become more fat.

    (N I
    35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 12%
    Therefore, the body fat rate is the standard for judging fat and thin. And a precise, comprehensive body fat scale can help you understand your body better.

    More accurate measurement is the top priority of a scale

    The G-shaped manganese steel sensor can sense the weight change of the body to 50g, which makes the measurement of the millet body fat scale 2 more precise.
    Weighing supports three units of kilograms, kilograms and pounds to facilitate user reading.

    More comprehensive data
    You should know your body better [1]

    High-precision BIA fat-measuring chip, one weighing can know body weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, moisture rate, protein rate, visceral fat grade,
    13 physical data such as basal metabolism, a comprehensive understanding of physical health.

    Dynamic weighing, static measurement [2]
    One scale is more efficient

    The Xiaomi body fat scale 2 can realize the intelligent switching of dynamic and static weighing modes, which can be as low as 100g. In addition to weighing in dynamic mode,
    You can also measure the weight of vegetables, fruits, parcels and other items in static mode.

    Body balance test [3] Closed eyes and one foot, – test available

    Balance ability is the basic ability of physical activity, and improving balance can reduce the risk of our falls and joint injuries. Now, users only need to stand on one foot and stand on the millet body fat scale 2. You can understand the strength of this ability.

    Low-power Bluetooth 5.0
    4 batteries can be used for 12 months [4]

    Xiaomi Body Fat Scale 2 is equipped with low-power Bluetooth 5.0. After binding with Xiaomi Sports APP, it can quickly transmit body data such as body weight and body fat percentage.
    And can intelligently identify different measurement people.

    Support 16 people data record
    Visitor mode does not leave marks

    Customized training course
    Help you lose weight and get more done with half the effort
    Pilates line is a prime element, m+e is called momentary movement

    Warm white tempered glass, like jade
    Concealed LED display, seamless


    Additional information

    Brand Name


    Health Scale Metal Bonding Point

    Four-point Type


    Toughened Glass



    Scale Type


    Maximum Weight Recommendation



    Weight Measuring

    Pattern Type


    Health Scale Weight Indication


    Model Number

    Xiaomi Body Fat Scale 2


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